give somebody/get a dirty look

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get a dirty look (from someone)

To receive a look of contempt, anger, or disgust (from someone). I got a really dirty look from the man sitting next to me when I started talking about politics.
See also: dirty, get, look

give (one) a dirty look

To look at one in an angry, contemptuous, or disapproving manner. Also seen as "give (one) dirty looks." I started telling him about Janet's run-in with the law, but when she gave me a dirty look, I shut my trap. I must have done something really offensive last night because Mike keeps giving me dirty looks.
See also: dirty, give, look
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give somebody/get a dirty ˈlook

(informal) look at somebody/be looked at in an angry or a disapproving way: She gave me a dirty look when I suggested that she should go and wash the dishes.
See also: dirty, get, give, look, somebody
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