give somebody/something short shrift

give short shrift

To ignore, disregard, or exclude (someone or something); to give (someone or something) very little time or attention. A noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "short." As the middle child with a troublesome older brother and a needy younger sister, I felt like I was given short shrift growing up. Despite its urgency, ministers are giving the issue short shrift in parliament.
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give somebody/something short ˈshrift


get short ˈshrift

give somebody/something/get little attention or sympathy: Mrs Jones gave my suggestion very short shrift. I was quite surprised.When Ann complained about the toilets, she got very short shrift. Shrift was the act of confessing your crimes, etc. to a priest and being forgiven. If a person was given short shrift they were only allowed a short time to do this between being found guilty and being executed or punished.
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