give some thought to

give thought to (something)

To consider, reflect upon, or think hard about something. Often used with modifiers such as "any," "some," "a little," etc. Have you given any thought to my proposal? Marian gave some thought to the company's excess costs and determined that the number of employees had to be reduced for them to survive.
See also: give, thought

give some thought to something

to think about something; to devote some time to thinking about something. After I have had time to give some thought to the matter, I will call you.
See also: give, thought
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My grandson, who is four feet tall Was viewing artefacts around a wall His curiosity was stirred, when he A ship, in a bottle did see How do they do that he asked Why don't you give it some thought, I tasked I'm going down your garage granddad I was duly informed by the lad To give some thought to the curiosity I had Because thinking about it is driving me mad The time came to put away my car I opened the garage and on the floor was a demijohn Jar From within, I heard a shout My predicament now, "HOW TO GET HIM OUT" Frank Harrison Coundon, Coventry
Perhaps the council could also give some thought to the weather situation.
Perhaps someone in highways should give some thought to making Bankfield Road safer for the residents - perhaps some humps - to prevent such arrogant drivers speeding along their road.
Give some thought to what you want the device to do and consider whether the trade-offs make sense.
As such, we should give some thought to the future, knowing that the future is being made today and that the outcomes of the recent federal elections in the U.
In addition give some thought to what is the urgency.
She is keen to see the gallery give some thought to developing the building's various subterranean spaces over the next decade.
What this does indicate to me is the usefulness of some type of pharmacy reminder system, so that the physician can be alerted when the patient is on an incontinence-inducing drug and can give some thought to a possible alternative.