give (one) skin

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give (one) skin

slang To slap hands with one in an amicable fashion; to give one five. Hey man, what's up? Give me some skin!
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give someone (some) skin

shake or slap hands together as a gesture of friendship or solidarity. African American slang
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Give me skin!

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"Shiny, wrinkly, and very smooth." The skin had very few melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells normally found in the epidermis, that give skin its color.
Best for A TOTAL COMPLEXION BOOST REN Ready Steady Glow Tonic, PS25 The lactic acid formula works to give skin a toned, healthy glow.
It has light-diffusing particles and pigments that give skin a slightly soft focus effect, so if you're pouting at the camera you get the best possible you.
Grapeseed extract and fruit acids give skin an instant glowing appearance.
To give skin a dewy glow use cream blush, not powder.
Give skin a spruce with Caudalie's Cleansing Water for pounds 14.
Give skin a natural radiance and fresh glow with Estee Lauder's new limited edition Fleur de Lys shimmer powder, pounds 25.
Light reflecting particles give skin an immediate radiance boost.
Developed from rice water and rice bran and enriched with lemon and cucumber essential oils, Modern Fusion promises to even out skintones, reduce pores and give skin a soft, velvety texture.
Their Expert range also includes new men's skincare products, designed to give even the most lazy lads an easy way to give skin some TLC.
All Over Color is a limited edition shimmer powder available in four shades that give skin a delicate sheen.
The Pro-Collagen Marine cream combines the latest technology and the proven science of Padina Pavonica algae to give skin a plumper more youthful appearance.