give rise to something

give rise to (something)

To trigger or cause the genesis or growth of something. The technological advances gave rise to the Industrial Revolution. If left untreated, the infection can give rise to a number of other complications.
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give ˈrise to something

(formal) cause something to happen or exist: The novel’s success gave rise to a number of sequels.
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This is a considerably open work, which can give rise to something different with each performance, something we'll never hear in quite the same form again.
And the internet will give rise to something called social media, including a platform called Twitter.
At what point do physical entities - neurons, in this case - give rise to something as abstract as consciousness?
But in her work, these traditional forms give rise to something autonomous and new.
Epistemic modal operators give rise to something very like, but also very unlike, Moore's paradox.
For a brief period, it appeared that the end of affirmative action might give rise to something better--individualized, economic affirmative action.