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If you're into woodworking and you enjoy watching YouTube videos, you're missing out if you're not watching Frank Howarth and Mathias Wandel I give props to The Wood Whisperer, he is awesome and really got me started in woodworking videos
We thought it would be a nice thing to give props to Brum.
I give props to the managers for helping me rebound.
Kim Kardashian West turned 34 yesterday and even though she won't be celebrating until Friday with a big Las Vegas bash, her family members reached out to give props to her on her special day.
Some other online reviewers have complained that it was way too easy to figure it all out and while part of me is inclined to agree with them I still have to give props to writer Matthew Robert Kelly because I think it is still effective regardless.
And anyway, why shouldn't we give props to any company willing to spend a load of money on live music?
I think she's doing her thing and being herself so I give props to her.
Let us stop for a moment and give props to Anthony Weiner.
Independent Contractors and Other Wage and Hour Regulations,” “How to Make Performance Evaluations Stress Free and a Win-Win,” “Innovative Benefits for Different Generations,” “Managing Group Health Insurance Plans Post-ACA,” “Creating and Implementing Career Frameworks - Ways to Improve Employee Motivation and Meet Business Needs,” “How to give PROPS to Your Employees,” “How to Create Positive ROI with a Wellness Strategy,” and “Practice Behavior Finance Solutions to Improve 401(k) Plans.
Users are encouraged to "respot" and give props to other's posts, all while sharing their own voice and fashionable point-of-view.
Every once in a while it's nice to give props to those who (heroically) balance motherhood and dance.
The cobbler was delicious but I give props to Mitchell for making a lemon pie hit a perfect note of sweetness and zest.
So let's give props to Kenny Ortega, who was directing the mega-concert, for putting a lot of effort into transforming what was left behind into something approximating what would have been.
Far be it from me to give props to the bearded bogeyman of light entertainment doom, but I read the other day he's doing something called Cosmic Ordering, a new age religion that apparently gets results.