give preference to somebody/something

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give preference to (someone or something)

To prioritize someone or something above someone or something else. The recruiter was told to give preference to any alumni who apply for the job.
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give (a) preference to somebody/something

treat somebody/something in a way that gives them an advantage over other people or things: Preference will be given to graduates of this university.
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Ganbarov believes that it is necessary to use more advanced methods, increase the use of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and cars running on compressed natural gas which pollute less air, to minimize the number of vehicles running on diesel fuel and give preference to small-run cars.
THE Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced on several occasions that it would give preference to the merged districts, and ample funds would be made available on priority basis to complete ongoing projects.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Thursday said Maryam Safdar should not give preference to his father over the country and the nation.
He said that we must give preference to solar and hydel energy projects and focus on effective utilization of coal reservoirs.
RE THE possible change to the highway code that will require motorists to always give preference to pedestrians and cyclists when turning, I agree that pedestrians and cyclists should be treated with care.
'We (the PH government) will look for professionals as far as possible; we will give preference to people who have experience in management,' he said to Malaysian journalists here.
Replying to a Calling Attention Notice raised by Mohammad Jamal ud Din and others regarding non-implementation of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Policy 2012, the minister said that the companies also give preference to the local peoples in job opportunities.
They also urge the company to give preference to qualified citizens from their areas whenever employment opportunities are available.
Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon Monday urged Vietnam to give preference to imports of jute and jute goods from Bangladesh during the signing of bilateral trade deals and memorandum of understandings between Bangladesh and Vietnam, reports BSS.
Chairman emphasized to officers of DMC east that give preference to quality development work and inspect the quality of every development work by doing inspection visits.
As stated above, under Article 2242 of the Civil Code, the liquidation plan must give preference to the mortgagee (and not to the government for unpaid income taxes due from the insolvent debtor) insofar as the mortgaged property is concerned.
As for the city's Housing Development Corporation's decision not to give preference to existing residents, Elizabeth Rohlfing, a spokesperson, said this was done in the interest of a fair and open process, adding that ST/PCV residents were encouraged to apply.
KARACHI -- The upper house Senate Standing Committee Meeting on Petroleum and Natural Resources has urged upon the Pakistan Petroleum Limited to give preference to local people of Balochistan during recruitment.
It is unfortunate that we give preference to personalities over their agendas or manifestos and past performance.