give preference to somebody/something

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give preference to (someone or something)

To prioritize someone or something above someone or something else. The recruiter was told to give preference to any alumni who apply for the job.
See also: give, preference

give (a) preference to somebody/something

treat somebody/something in a way that gives them an advantage over other people or things: Preference will be given to graduates of this university.
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Chairman emphasized to officers of DMC east that give preference to quality development work and inspect the quality of every development work by doing inspection visits.
Around 10000 applicants have applied against these 332 posts in three hospitals of Rawalpindi, however, now the authorities have decided to give preference to applicants, who have backing of MNAS, MPAS and other politicians.
He urged the government to increase the size of land under cultivation, announce support price and incentives, introduce the latest varieties of seed and give preference to the coastal belt of Sindh and Balochistan for cultivation.
As stated above, under Article 2242 of the Civil Code, the liquidation plan must give preference to the mortgagee (and not to the government for unpaid income taxes due from the insolvent debtor) insofar as the mortgaged property is concerned.
The City may give preference to vendors handling products that contain post-consumer recovered materials, providing the bid does not exceed the lowest bid by more than 5% or $2,500, whichever is less.
It is unfortunate that we give preference to personalities over their agendas or manifestos and past performance.
does not give preference to any political party, neither supports, nor finances them, the Assistant Secretary emphasized.
aid agencies will give preference to purchasing Lebanese products as it works to meet the needs of close to 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon in a bid to offset the economic burden of the crisis.
The protesters asked the government to give preference to the local population in government and private jobs.
The writer presented both sides of the picture and reiterated the fact that the majority give preference to reading newspapers online but there are some who want to read a newspaper or magazine by holding it in their hands.
The government will give preference to young people hired from poor urban or rural areas".
It seems perfectly understandable and correct that English colleges give preference to English students.
Seller seeks 4x-5x adjusted cash flow and will give preference to offers with maxium cash at closing.
Now, Ash seems to have decided she would give preference to only Vishal's film.