give pause for thought

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give (one) pause for thought

To cause one to take a moment to consider something. I'd love to buy a house, but the fact that I'd have to completely deplete my savings account to do it gives me pause for thought.
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give (somebody) pause for ˈthought


give (somebody) ˈpause

(formal) make somebody think seriously about something or hesitate before doing something: His remarks on the conditions in our prisons gave me pause for thought. Until that moment I’d never realized things were so bad.
See also: give, pause, thought
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Jo Henry, director at Nielsen Book, said: "This dramatic drop in engagement with reading in the first half of 2013--seen in the context of an 8% drop in the number of books bought for those aged under 17--will give pause for thought for anyone involved in children's publishing, particularly at the older end of the market, which has seen the greatest decline.
And while that is brilliant news for those people and for the children who will now, as a result, have a family it is a figure which should give pause for thought.
If not, and if you are charged duty on your shirts and trousers that you bought from Cabela's and have happily worn for the last five years, there is little to be said or done--but you will no doubt give pause for thought when selecting your next African hunting destination.
The thought of the potential consequences give pause for thought.
Yet the recent allegations by former Finance Minister Andrew Davies give pause for thought in this context.
Maybe, however, the shock and scandal that has arisen this week over these defective vehicles should give pause for thought.
Another project, for instance, might give pause for thought to those who reckon children should never be let anywhere near sharp objects.
He is highly likely not to choose such a course - fights with the bookies have always ended with a bloody nose for greyhound racing - but the fact he is there might give pause for thought to those who hold the purse strings.