give (one) a leg up

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give (one) a leg up

1. To provide one with a physical lift or boost upward. I think I can reach the roof if you give me a leg up.
2. To provide one with support, encouragement, or an added advantage. Our after-school program is aimed to give students a leg up in any subject they are having difficulty with. I wouldn't have been able to afford college if I hadn't been given a leg up from my parents.
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give someone a leg up

COMMON If you give a person or an organization a leg up, you do something to help them achieve success. The experience of that race should give Barry a leg up on his rivals. They have a responsibility to their shareholders not to reveal information that might give a competitor a leg up. Note: You can also say that you get a leg up. Those children who learn English may get a leg up in life. Note: To give a rider a leg up means to help them get on to the horse.
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give somebody a ˈleg-up

1 (British English, informal) help somebody climb up or onto something, for example, a horse or a wall: I gave him a leg-up.
2 (informal) help somebody, usually by giving them money: His father gave him a leg-up when he was starting his business.
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