give (one) a buzz

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give (one) a buzz

1. To call one on the phone. Let me give her a buzz and see what she thinks about all this.
2. To cause one to feel high or excited. Sorry I'm talking so fast—that cup of coffee really gave me a buzz!
See also: buzz, give

give somebody a ˈbuzz

1 telephone somebody: I’ll give you a buzz before I leave.
2 (also get a buzz from something/from doing something) if something gives you a buzz or you get a buzz from it, it provides interest and enjoyment for you: If the work gives you a buzz, then you do the job better.
See also: buzz, give, somebody

give someone a buzz

1. tv. to give someone a telephone call. Give me a buzz sometime.
2. tv. to give someone a chuckle or a bit of enjoyment. It always gives me a buzz to watch Sally do her act.
See also: buzz, give, someone