give (someone) (one's) word

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give (someone) (one's) word

To make a serious promise, assurance, or vow (to someone). I give you my word that I will do everything in my power to have this matter resolved by next week. You gave your word that you'd be there, so don't even think about backing out now.
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give somebody your ˈword (that...)


have somebody’s ˈword (that...)

promise somebody/be promised (that...): I give you my word that I’ll pay you tomorrow.I’ve got his word that he’ll fix the car by the weekend.
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"Give my word, Modi will never become the prime minister in the 21st century," said Aiyar.
"I have been offered three jobs but I gave my word to Monaghan and if I give my word I will always stick by that," said Collins, above.
"We have more than enough good players at Tottenham to get us out of this situation and I give my word that we will."
"I saw it as an opportunity to come out in a public fashion, where I'd have a chance to give my word, so to speak, ff I'd just come out in my commander's office, no one would ever hear my side of the story or how unfair the policy was.
at means you are wrong."' He added: "Give my words to Prince Charles.