give me (someone or something) any day/time

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give me (someone or something) any day/time

A phrase used to show one's preference or favor for someone or something. My husband loves skiing, but give me the beach any day.
See also: any, give, time

give me —

I prefer or admire a specified thing.
1998 BBC Vegetarian Good Food Iceberg lettuce is a massive Eighties con—give me a round lettuce any day.
See also: give

ˈgive me something/somebody (ˈany day/time)

(spoken) used for saying you like something much more than the thing just mentioned: I hate going to clubs. Give me a nice meal at a restaurant any day.I don’t like cricket very much. Give me football any time.
See also: give, somebody, something

give me

/gimme five
Used when offering a high-five, as in congratulation.
See also: give