give me

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give me —

I prefer or admire a specified thing.
1998 BBC Vegetarian Good Food Iceberg lettuce is a massive Eighties con—give me a round lettuce any day.
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ˈgive me something/somebody (ˈany day/time)

(spoken) used for saying you like something much more than the thing just mentioned: I hate going to clubs. Give me a nice meal at a restaurant any day.I don’t like cricket very much. Give me football any time.
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give me

/gimme five
Used when offering a high-five, as in congratulation.
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References in classic literature ?
Nothing remains, therefore, but for you to give me the answer now, which I have been waiting for ever since that last day when we met by the riverside.
give me each a little light from your own breasts, and surely they will glow the brighter for this kindly deed; and I will thankfully repay it if I can.
The first thing, however, which I inquired into, that I might begin where I left off, was of their own part; and I desired the Spaniard would give me a particular account of his voyage back to his countrymen with the boat, when I sent him to fetch them over.
Do not give me anything for my news till he has actually come, you may then give me a shirt and cloak of good wear if you will.
Tell me all about it, frankly and trustfully, as you ought, and we will talk it over so satisfactorily that you won't give me up.
So I shall wait till the spring comes, and then I shall pay him a visit, and he will be able to give me a large basket of primroses and that will make him so happy.
While we were at dinner, I made bold to ask the names of several things in their language, and those noble persons, by the assistance of their flappers, delighted to give me answers, hoping to raise my admiration of their great abilities if I could be brought to converse with them.