give (one) (one's) marching orders

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give (one) (one's) marching orders

To dismiss one from employment; to order one to leave or move on from a place. An allusion to a military command of deployment. After messing up that account, I'm terrified that my boss is going to give me my marching orders. Bill had been living in his parents' house for nearly a year without working when they finally gave him his marching orders out of there.
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give someone their marching orders

COMMON If you give someone their marching orders, you tell them to leave. Last week the political correspondent was given his marching orders. What does it take for a woman to say `that's enough' and give her man his marching orders? He was given his marching orders after attacking the opposition goalkeeper twice. He has now been banned from playing for two weeks. Note: You can also say that someone gets their marching orders. Her teacher told the head: `Either she goes or I go.' So Mary got her marching orders. Note: The usual American expression is give someone their walking papers.
See also: give, marche, order, someone
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give somebody their ˈmarching orders

(British English, informal) tell somebody to leave a job, a relationship, etc: When she found out he was seeing another woman, she gave him his marching orders.
See also: give, marche, order, somebody
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We have said it repeatedly here and on other platforms that those to blame are state governments and education ministries which give marching orders to school principals to ensure that their schools produce brilliant results in WAEC and NECO examinations 'at all costs.' Principals are ordinary civil servants who carry out instructions.
We hope Duterte, as soon as he officially takes oath as the country's President, will give marching orders to his economic advisers to reach out and consult the businessmen, said George T.
The PM has to give marching orders to P B Acharya, the Assam Governor so that anyone holding constitutional office will not think of making provocative statements that go against the spirit of the Constitution.
"The coordinator position is simply not very powerful as such--it's not statutorily authorized and has no budget authority; and lacking a homeland-security department, the president really doesn't have anyone to give marching orders to when something needs to get done," says Lieberman staffer John Tagami.
THE Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghe has directed Chief Judges of the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to give marching orders to Chief Magistrates to conduct inspection of police stations and other places of detention within their territorial jurisdiction other than prisons.