give (one) the willies

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give (one) the willies

To cause one to have a feeling of fear, dread, or squeamishness. Can we get out of here? This creepy old house is giving me the willies! Ack, seeing that tank of cockroaches gave me the willies.
See also: give, willies

give you the willies

If something gives you the willies, it makes you feel nervous or frightened. This place gives me the willies. Living on the mountainside is enough to give anyone the willies — especially when the wolves howl.
See also: give, willies

give somebody the ˈwillies/heebie-ˈjeebies/ˈcreeps

(informal) make somebody feel nervous or afraid: Being alone in this old house gives me the willies.He gives me the creeps. He’s got such strange eyes.
See also: creep, give, somebody, willies
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He's reliable with strange humans, too, with one exception: toddlers and very young children still sort of give him the willies.
IT takes a lot to give him the Willies, but pop hero Will Young admitted to having a panic attack after being immersed in a flotation tank.