give (one) (one's) marching orders

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give (one) (one's) marching orders

To dismiss one from employment; to order one to leave or move on from a place. An allusion to a military command of deployment. After messing up that account, I'm terrified that my boss is going to give me my marching orders. Bill had been living in his parents' house for nearly a year without working when they finally gave him his marching orders out of there.
See also: give, marche, order
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give someone their marching orders

COMMON If you give someone their marching orders, you tell them to leave. Last week the political correspondent was given his marching orders. What does it take for a woman to say `that's enough' and give her man his marching orders? He was given his marching orders after attacking the opposition goalkeeper twice. He has now been banned from playing for two weeks. Note: You can also say that someone gets their marching orders. Her teacher told the head: `Either she goes or I go.' So Mary got her marching orders. Note: The usual American expression is give someone their walking papers.
See also: give, marche, order, someone
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give somebody their ˈmarching orders

(British English, informal) tell somebody to leave a job, a relationship, etc: When she found out he was seeing another woman, she gave him his marching orders.
See also: give, marche, order, somebody
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REHIRED by the BBC after he was sacked, Tony Blackburn understandably doesn't wish to criticise a broadcaster which could give him his marching orders again.
Payne's tackle was late and reckless and after the video official Eric Gauzins had had a look ref Jerome Garces had no option but to give him his marching orders and Ulster were on the back foot.
Give him his marching orders if he's anything less than physically perfect, if he wears water wings at the baths or if he rings the door bell and waits for an answer.
And he did not back down until his victim's new man, his brother Paul Carson, turned up to give him his marching orders.
If Mr Flight got it all wrong and the Conservatives, as they have desperately been trying to convey in recent weeks, are committed to modern, well resourced public services then Mr Howard was well within his rights to give him his marching orders.
She may even decide to give him his marching orders!
It was a crazy thing to do and the whistler really had no option but to give him his marching orders.
It left BBC bosses with no choice but to give him his marching orders. I'm told: "Heather felt so guilty.
With the game ebbing away, and Cantalejo's decisions infuriating Staunton, his anger spilled over again in the 75th minute and that was enough for the official to give him his marching orders.
His ill-advised kick out left the referee with no option but to give him his marching orders.
The sooner you give him his marching orders, the faster you can rebuild your life.
Purse had been cautioned for dissent after only 14 minutes and when he clipped Darren Byfield's heel the referee had no alternative but to give him his marching orders. Although ten-man Blues performed admirably they lost to Aaron Lescott's goal twominu tes before halime.
Ministers are being asked to tell the PM they have lost confidence in him and to give him his marching orders.
You deserve much better and I would give him his marching orders. If you stay, your dignity and self-respect will be smashed to pieces.