give (one) grief

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give (one) grief

To criticize or tease someone. Once my brother hears that I hit a parked car, he'll give me grief about it for years to come. I'm pretty sure that Kevin likes Katie, so I keep giving him grief about it.
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give someone grief

be a nuisance to someone. informal
1998 Times One of the passengers who'd been giving the cabin crew grief started yelling, ‘We've had a near miss.’
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give somebody ˈgrief (about/over something)

(informal) be annoyed with somebody and criticize their behaviour: Stop giving me grief and let me finish this!
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"Obviously I am hugely proud of him and would always boast to my mates that he'd played for England but I used to give him grief, saying 'you only got one cap'.
When he returned he exclaimed to me that he had been doing this for x-amount of years and had never had anyone tell the truth or not give him grief.
He finds enemies aplenty in Shieldinch, all lining up to give him grief for his family's actions in the past.
Cameron Wright's knee continues to give him grief and Daniel Sandell suffered a hip problem at Guildford Heat last Sunday.
If you give him grief about being there for his boy, you could lose him.
"If the population wanted to give him grief it was all right by us."
I get a lot of stick from people about my "toyboy" and his friends give him grief about his "gran" so it was good to hear of someone as well respected as Lulu in the same position.