give (one) enough rope

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give (one) enough rope

If you give people the opportunity to do something wrong or detrimental to themselves, they will usually do it; one does not need to interfere to bring about someone's downfall. The full version is, "Give (one) enough rope, and (one) will hang (one)self." Don't interrupt him with questions. Just let him keep talking and he'll incriminate himself. Give him enough rope and see what happens.
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give someone

see other entries beginning with give someone, or under give one, or look up the expression by its other words, as give the benefit of the doubt.
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give someone enough rope (or plenty of rope)

give a person enough freedom of action to bring about their own downfall.
The fuller form of this expression is the proverb give a man enough rope and he will hang himself , which has been in use in various forms since the mid 17th century.
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Give him enough rope and he'll hang himself from a zipwire.
THE trouble with an ultra-ambitious ref like Willie Collum is if you give him enough rope he'll always hang you but NEVER hang himself.
It's doubtful filmmaker Ted Schillinger, in chronicling the crusade of pro-death-penalty "retributionalist" Robert Blecker, deliberately intended to give him enough rope to hang himself.
If (Fox) wants to test Bob, if they want to give him enough rope, this is the opportunity to see how he does,'' said a high-ranking Dodgers official.