give heed to (something)

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give heed to (something)

To listen carefully or pay close attention; to give ample or due consideration. You'd best give heed to his advice, or you might end up suffering the mistakes he made in the past. Give heed to your mother, she knows what she's talking about.
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give/pay ˈheed (to somebody/something)


take ˈheed (of somebody/something)

(formal) pay careful attention to somebody/something: They gave little heed to the rumours.I paid no heed at the time but later I had cause to remember what he’d said.
See also: give, heed, pay
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Perhaps it is time to give heed to the wisdom of the ancient, and bring order to the chaos of nurturing talent.
Addressing a mass rally in Kassala Wednesday on the occasion of the National Day celebrations, President Al-Bashir called on the citizens of Kassala State to adhere to the unity of rank and not to give heed to the calls aimed for disunity which are circulated by elements who serve foreign agenda.
I trust that neither the sober-minded ambassadors nor the governments to which they respond will give heed to the fable Erdoy-an is trying to spread.
The administration should give heed towards this burning issue, and took stern action against price hikers so that people could get relief.
We are not gobshites in Ireland any more, and we won't stand for this either that people aren't going to give heed to law.
Turkey does not give heed to the recent sanctions on Iran's oil exports imposed by the US and the EU, Yildiz said.
Major-General Al Hassan also urged people not to give heed to malicious rumours and false news intended to influence their moral and create fear.
We call upon the people not to give heed to rumours spread by vested interests," the statement said.
We really hope the Indian government authorities give heed to our genuine request," he adds.
If we give heed to those issues which they consider important and those issues in which Pakistan is interested are neglected then things cannot move forward," he said.
While Comedianne Wendy Fox uses her own personal history on college campuses to give heed to the pitfalls of drinking, the Internet is full of short alcoholic "comedy clips"--some at the expense of innocent victims like children and possible true adult alcoholics.
It takes a lot of fortitude to balance this phenomenon and give heed to the smaller players.
Oh that the world might listen and give heed to churches' messages of righteousness, honesty, love, justice and mercy.
The official also said Romulo asked Machimura to give heed to concern by the Philippines over Japan's plan to limit the entries of non-Japanese entertainers, mostly Philippine women, from March as part of efforts to fight human trafficking.