give head

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give (one) (one's) head

To allow one to do what one wants; to grant one more or total freedom. Can you believe the boss gave me my head on this project? Finally, I can present a campaign with my own vision! I'm giving you your head on this project, I hope to see some real innovation.
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give (one) head

vulgar slang To perform oral sex on one, typically a male. She gave me head on the first date. Our sex life is great, except that he refuses to give head.
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give (someone) head

perform oral sex on someone. vulgar slang
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give head

tv. to perform oral sex on someone, usually a male. (Usually objectionable.) Does she give head?
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Air 21 has long coveted Yeo, who could give head coach Petron Franz Pumaren another former La Salle Green Archers veteran alongside Mike Cortez, Carlo Sharma, Ren Ren Ritualo, and Simon Atkins.
The match will give head coach Chris Horsman and his assistant Damian McGrath the perfect barometer for their season ahead in Division One East, as Bargoed finished as runners up in the same league last season.
It would give head teachers the backing they need in getting parents to play their part."
EDUCATION bosses in Warwickshire want to close the county's unit for badly behaved children and give head teachers the money saved to sort out the problem themselves.
Out of contract at the end of the year, Buderus admits he has yet to open talks with the champions and, with Matt Diskin and Paul McShane competing for the hooking role, his announcement could give head coach Brian McClennan something of a dilemma.
At the very least it will give head coach Ian Smith the opportunity to field players of Goodridge's calibre as well as exciting prospects like Karl Pryce, Jack Adams and Jack Forster.
Nortel said the solutions give head office capabilities to branch offices, mobilise business applications to boost WLAN performance and condense bandwidth needs for business applications, extending access to the total enterprise.
So it is unsurprising that the Violent Crime Reduction Bill will give head teachers a legal right to search pupils for knives or other oElizabethans.ffensive weapons and that Birmingham's senior education officers are considering a mobile detection unit which would operate in problem areas.
Victory over Pool Five hosts Bourgoin would send the 1998 European champions through, give head coach Brian Ashton his first win since returning to the Recreation Ground and erase memories of last weekend's 25-14 defeat against fellow league strugglers Leeds.
All three players have resumed full training and will give head coach Jacques Santini major selection problems for the trip.
Like, in "I'm the One That I Want," I talk about going through this promiscuous period where I was trying to give head really fast.
"The Beast" trusts the process and prefers to give head coach Louie Alas the freedom on how to utilize his skills.
Let us not give head teachers a rough time as schools re-open,' Wamocho said.
Ormsby's arrival will give head coach Paul Anderson another useful backline option as the bottom-of-the-table Giants head to the KC Stadium later this week looking to secure what would be just their second Super League success from 10 starts.