give free rein to

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give free rein to (one)

To give one complete freedom to do what one wants or chooses. "Rein" refers to the reins of a horse. Can you believe the boss gave free rein to me? Finally, I can present a campaign with my own vision!
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give free rein to someone

 and give someone free rein
Fig. to allow someone to be completely in charge (of something). (Alludes to loosening the reins of a horse and therefore control.) The boss gave the manager free rein with the new project. The principal gave free rein to Mrs. Brown in her classes.
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give free rein to

see under free hand.
See also: free, give, rein
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An embattled Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno on Friday expressed hope that politicians would keep their hands off the judiciary and that "they will not hang on to the coercive powers that are with them in order to give free reign to the judicial independence to decide freely without inordinate pressure.
The main objective of this event was to give free reign to students' imagination and creativity to present their fascinatingly designed costumes on a catwalk in the manner of fashion models.
One can joke with him and give free reign to one's criticism of sanctimonious European liberalism and our racial passions.
Another point of development that the Kinect-less Xbox One can turn into a possibility is that it can free up some of the power that had been devoted to the Kinect and give free reign to the developers on what can be done with these.
Beholden to epic pop sensibilities, their live shows give free reign to their pulverising wall of sound.
Then came the immediate reactions to yesterday's ruling, unveiling a tendency to give free reign to anger.
The former Shrewsbury police chief also believes the proposed law will give free reign to prescribe marijuana for several reasons.
Kids love to give free reign to their imaginations, and in The Stone Hatchlings, little Abby's rich creativity fills the pages.
Today, the children are given the opportunity to give free reign to their artistic imagination," Nair added.
Sullivan said it's important to foster online discussions, but organizations shouldn't give free reign to members while on the organization's site.
Children will be able to give free reign to their creative skills by painting a plant pot in Mell Square.
The Soviet invasion of the Afghanistan neighbor came to give free reign to these tendencies, supported by billions of dollars to confront this invasion, which the United Sates considered to be the ideal occasion to win the Cold War.
While the causal latitude of the fairy-tale genre allows Dasgupta to give free reign to his exuberant imagination, the results are not always successful.
The United Nations Organization should be the memorable place where history together with justice, truthful equity, can give free reign to memory, only to open the way to oblivion.
The weakness in Italy's rearguard won't have escaped the attention of Korea's coach Guus Hiddink, who can be expected to give free reign to Park Ji-Sung and Ahn Jung-Hwan to run at the Italian defence, as they did to such great effect in Korea's