give (one) (one's) dues

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give (one) (one's) dues

1. To give someone the appropriate payment for services or work that they have done. After intense negotiations, the local government will finally be giving rural farmers their dues.
2. To give someone that which they deserve, which can be a reward or retribution, depending on the situation. Don't worry about those stool pigeons, we'll be sure to give them their dues. After all her hard work, I really hope the company finally gives Mary her dues.
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give someone his or her due

see under give credit, def. 2.
See also: due, give, someone

give somebody their ˈdue

give somebody the praise that they deserve: Helen may not be bright, but to give her her due, her work is always very accurate.
See also: due, give, somebody
References in classic literature ?
His first measure was to read the warrant aloud, taking care to give due emphasis to the most material parts, and concluding with the name of the Judge in very audible and distinct tones.
Much thou hast yet to see, but I perceave Thy mortal sight to faile; objects divine Must needs impaire and wearie human sense: Henceforth what is to com I will relate, Thou therefore give due audience, and attend.
This is an affair in which you ought to act honestly with both sides, and give due warning, to avoid compromising others.
Then your charitable speeches may find vent; then you may remember and pity the toil and the struggle and the failure; then you may give due honour to the work achieved; then you may find extenuation for errors, and may consent to bury them.
Talking at a ceremony in connection with Kashmir Solidarity Day, he said the world would have to give due rights to the Kashmiris according to their wishes.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Javed Abbasi Wednesday said the government was determined to give due rights to the people of FATA as sincere steps are being taken in this regard.
They urged high ups of PTV, PBC and private TV and radio channels to give due time to Hindko language.
The failure to give due process to Taulava 'gives rise to the conclusion that the accused is under no obligation to pay for the subject taxes,' read the decision penned by Associate Justice Erlinda Uy.
The Council's Secretary General, Aboud Jaber has called on the Walis (governors) of the states to give due concern to the realization of social peace between the components of the local communities to prevail peace in all the parts of the country .
Luz Ilagan asked senators to give due attention to the bill when the third regular session of the 16th Congress opens on July 27.
47 per cent of the accidents in Abu Dhabi took place due to motorists failing to give due consideration to other motorists.
20 ( ANI ): Asserting that India appreciates United Kingdom's desire for a new special relationship with New Delhi and fully reciprocates this, President Pranab Mukherjee has said both countries should give due priority to co-operation in combating terrorism.
I do hope that the new Post will give due weight to Birmingham's many other cultural legacies which I believe are often disregarded by council leaders keen topush ever "forward".
We need to be sure we are involving them and we give due consideration to the facilities and services they ask for.