give credence to

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give credence to someone or something

to consider someone or something as believable or trustworthy. How can you give credence to a person like Henry? I can't give any credence to Donald. He tells lies. Don't give credence to what he says. Please don't give credence to that newspaper article.
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This individual's comments give credence to the Thatcher adage that 'nobody with a conscience ever voted Conservative.
It is records like this that give credence to the myth your teenage years were the best of your life.
I mean, as an atheist, presumably, Eddie has already rejected Jesus as his personal saviour, so why does he continue to give credence to the teachings of the Lord?
Her rationale is simply that she has been in the acting business for a much longer time than they have been and her contributions to the numerous dramas she took part in give credence to the fact that her name deserves to be listed first.
He added that Pakistan strictly adhered to the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries and that it would be ill-advised to give credence to such false, misleading, and self-serving stories.
There were too many supporting roles to mention them all, but Jaimie Szostak as the Wicked Witch of the West give credence to the saying 'there are no small parts on the stage' by acting out a nasty horrible character, and as the poor misguided Wizard, Max Taylor completed an excellent cast.
IN respect of the status of engineers, given that Lord Sugar introduced a public telephone e-mail combination device in 2004 (which bombed without a trace) and at about the same time pronounced that Apple's iPod would fail dismally, I don't think that, with the best will in the world, we should give credence to his opinion on any subject.
However, after watching his side book their place in the last four of the Champions League, Ferguson refused to give credence to the reports.
Sources said the photo IDs give credence to intelligence reports that militants were planning attacks on power projects in the country and that they were now trying to infiltrate into India through Nepal.
Years later, from uncertain sources and out of context, Mr Legge drags out a few sentences from the millions of words that were written and spoken at the time, to give credence to his beliefs.
PUNTERS who give credence to theories that seek to convey meaning to coincidental patterns may want to give Nomecheki a swerve at Lingfield today.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his government would never give credence to dirty plans.
Traffic movement on the Sitra causeway is normal, the directorate said, urging citizens not to give credence to such rumours aimed at creating panic among citizens.
Even RTE was taken in - flatly refusing to give credence to our revelations exposing the scam last week.
To give credence to the increase the council talk of increased power charges, yet we are told that power charges are shortly to be reduced.