give cause for

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give cause for something

to serve as a just cause for something; to warrant something. Your comments give cause for further investigation. I didn't give cause for you to worry so much.
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The review has found that three convictions may give cause for concern as to the safety of those convictions," he told peers.
Following its probe, however, EFSA did conclude "that the presence of ITX in foods, whilst undesirable, does not give cause for health concern at the levels reported" by the food and packaging industry.
That should give cause for serious heartburn the next time you, an American citizen, are subjected to a humiliating search at the airport.
He is described as a man of high intellect and acute sensitivity to those with views that differ from his own, A survivor of September 11 in Manhattan, Archbishop Williams has spoken and written extensively of his experience, in words which, if analogously applied to the church, give cause for optimism about the tone of his leadership.
The scientists concluded that the "possible negative tong-term effects of cloning, as welt as the high incidence of spontaneous abortion and abnormal birth of cloned animals, give cause for concern.
Margaret Pullin of the Royal College of Nursing said: "At the moment the thought of 36 per cent of Glasgow acute beds going does give cause for concern.
Further, ponds at that latitude haven't seen enough UV-C since Pangaea to give cause for consideration.
At Comalco, costs continued to give cause for concern during the first quarter, but the reorganization now under way will produce significant cost reductions later this year, with a full year's benefit to come in 1998.
Rain amounts will also give cause for concern, and the risk of flooding will certainly be heightened, with some parts seeing several weeks worth of rain over a short period of time.
Perrin said the condition of Dr Charlesworth's wife, Eve, is continuing to give cause for concern.
While it is still early days the performances so far give cause for a great deal of optimism.
But the experiences Michael Kelly has brought back from his three-week spell as part of the international relief effort should give cause for just that emotion.
Levels of mercury in fish other than shark, swordfish and marlin did not give cause for concern.
The DJing categories give cause for concern, as it seems like every person who has ever spun a dance record in Northern Ireland has been nominated, but it doesn't matter as all votes are cast by punters at the website, www.
The commission has now concluded that the results of its investigation--including the documents in question--do not give cause for further actions against Akzo Nobel Chemicals.