give birth

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give birth to (someone or something)

1. To birth a baby. Angela gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night.
2. To bring something into existence. The technological advances gave birth to the Industrial Revolution.
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give ˈbirth (to somebody/something)

produce a baby or young animal: She died shortly after giving birth.Mary gave birth to a healthy baby girl. ♢ (figurative) It was the study of history that gave birth to the social sciences.
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Women who give birth at home are more likely to breastfeed, which has so many health benefits, and they are less likely to develop post-natal depression.
The singer, married to former dancer Kevin Federline, aged 27, is due to give birth in October.
When women can fully embrace their fears, their confidence, their pain, and their intensely feminine power, they will give birth not only to a miraculous baby, but also to a newfound sense of strength that will be their ally in all the years to come of caring for their child.
A similar thing is expected to happen if Middleton will give birth at St.
Cats usually give birth to three to six kittens, while larger litters often result in high rates of stillbirth.
Luga suggested that they give their first child a second name, Marieafter the Blessed Virgin Marybecause his wife was able to give birth safely despite the adverse weather.
Beyonce, who is expecting the couple's first child, told an Australian chat show host last year that she was due to give birth in February.
2% after NHS campaigns persuaded women to give birth in hospital due to poor housing conditions.
VERY few women opt for a planned Caesarean section when thinking about how to give birth, according to research out today.
WOMEN who give birth to boys are much more likely to suffer post-natal depression, according to a study published today.
The rooms come equipped with aids to ease birth including a birth ball, mats and bean bags to help women get into a comfortable position to help them give birth.
The other nine workers are due to give birth over four months.
When I first told my doctors I wanted to give birth naturally, they didn't understand.
Most wild pandas only give birth to seven or eight cubs in a lifetime.