give birth

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give birth to (someone or something)

1. To birth a baby. Angela gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night.
2. To bring something into existence. The technological advances gave birth to the Industrial Revolution.
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give ˈbirth (to somebody/something)

produce a baby or young animal: She died shortly after giving birth.Mary gave birth to a healthy baby girl. ♢ (figurative) It was the study of history that gave birth to the social sciences.
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Imagine the excitement, not just in London but around the world, if Kensington Palace announce Meghan is to give birth in the South London borough.
"I feel the same when I help other women give birth as when I gave birth to my children," Salma said.
But if successful, it is thought that the two 58-year-olds would be the oldest to give birth following IVF in the UK.
Studies have shown women who give birth at home are more likely to breast-feed and less likely to suffer from post-natal depression.
Her father, Darren Mulcahy, aged 44, of Beake Avenue, Radford, claims he was told she would be able to give birth in Coventry although the babies might have had to be moved afterwards.
The guidance said women should also be given a choice over where to give birth ( one of the Government's key aims.
Before the birth she was confined to bed after experiencing a series of early contractions, and was not due to give birth until January this year
(2) The STD infection rate was stable for teenagers who did not give birth during the follow-up period, but increased between six and nine months postpartum among females who gave birth, especially among those who acquired new partners.
The giant panda, Qing Qing, is expected to give birth to another baby shortly, according to Yu Jianqiu, vice director of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center.
The first and most important is what she calls "primordial knowing," the innate capability of women to birth their babies, which modern women have, but "must rediscover and trust." The second she calls modern knowing--"being savvy about the medical and hospital culture and how to give birth within it." This discernment is equally important for women planning to give birth at home, since the possibility.
The most frequent comment was, "It takes a lot longer to give birth in the hospital."
Now, if all goes well, Beth, a 36-year-old from Dallas, will give birth to Jennifer's baby in May.
Pregnant women give birth to their babies after 9 months, which means that Markle's 9th month was on April 12.
Sameera Bibi was experiencing labour pains at the time of entry and no doctors were available in the hospital on duty, following which she eventually had to give birth in front of the hospital gate during morning hours.