give back

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give back

1. To return or restore something to someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "give" and "back." Give me back my sweater, you brat! Did I ever give you your pen back?
2. To act in a charitable manner, often by donating money or volunteering. I like to give back to my community by working with other volunteers to clean up our local parks.
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give someone or something back (to someone or something)

to return someone or something to someone or something. Please give it back to me. You took my lunch away from me. You had better give it back. Give back the book right now!
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give something back

 (to someone) (with interest)
1. Lit. to return money to someone with an additional amount for interest. You are going to have to give that money back to me with interest. Please give back the proper amount... with interest!
2. Fig. to return something to someone in excess of what was received. We will give back all your kindness to you with interest. We will give it all back with interest.
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give back

To return something: Don't forget to give the books back when you're done with them. I gave back the hammer when the job was done.
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Openshaw said another way to give back is by throwing a charitable event.
In markets across the country, Allstate mobilized Give Back Day events to further Dr.
You earn respect and separate yourself from agents who don't give back.
From supporting Little League baseball teams, to donating food for homeless shelters, to organizing marches for cancer research, franchise businesses contribute billions of volunteer hours and dollars to give back to their communities--and we have been doing it for many years.
When young people stay, they give back to the young people following behind them, as well as their mentors.
Most important, it has to be someone in the community who wants to give back, someone who maybe wants to be a pioneer and someone strongly entrenched in the community.
formation requirements, must give back 95 percent of income each year to shareholders and are not subject to certain Federal taxes.