give an account

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give an account (of someone or something) (to someone)

 and give someone an account of someone or something
to tell a narrative about someone or something to someone. You are going to have to give an account of yourself to your parole officer. Please give an account of your day to my secretary. Give me an account of every minute.
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The Bishop of Chester, the writer of this letter and all committed Christians believe one day we will have to give an account of ourselves to God - the Bible is our confidence.
I started writing them because in a vague way I felt I had a responsibility to give an account for my life, so when the day of judgment comes and God asks what did I do with my life, I can hand Him 50 million words'
In detailing the process of Palestinian political and social transformation, the authors give an account of the emergence and development of capitalism in Palestine since late nineteenth century, and determine that it was one of the causes leading to the colonization and Zionization of the country.
The book has three aims, of which the first is the most ambitious: to give an account of the system(s) of medicine relevant to Shakespeare's work, to elucidate medical references in Shakespeare's plays, and to treat in some depth three selected topics (the royal cure of scrofula in Macbeth, the cure of the French king's fistula in All's Well, and Lear's madness), in all of which interpretation and a sense of medical history very fruitfully intersect.
In his important novel Alastalon salissa (1933; "In the Parlor at Alastalo"), he used interior monologues, long flashback episodes, and exact, detailed description to give an account of the events in a six-hour period.
It should understand why it is assembled, and it should be able to give an account of itself.
1 : to give an account of : narrate related their experiences <Each time he .
A democratic citizen is someone who can give an account of his or her commitment to human rights, to the rule of law and equality before the law, to decision-making by the majority and protection of the rights of minorities.
But there is a higher authority before whom we all have to give an account.
We also invite O'Callaghan to contact us to give an account of his disgraceful behaviour - and perhaps to apologise.
An overlooked angle in last weekend's assemblage of the 50 greatest players in NBA history at the All-Star Game - the highlighted of which was the most majestic halftime show in any sport ever, a simple, introduction of the 47 in attendance - would have been to ask each guy to give an account of his best game played with a hangover.
The Saturnalia purports to give an account of discussions in private houses on the day before the Saturnalia and on three days of that festival.
Stressing the accountability of bishops, he emphasized that "no bishop can excuse himself from this responsibility, for which he must give an account before God" (emphasis ours).