give (one) a big hand

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give (one) a big hand

To give one a loud or enthusiastic round of applause, usually as a show of approval or appreciation. Let's give our special guest a big hand! Everyone in the audience gave the athlete a big hand for her impressive performance on the court.
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give someone a big hand

If you ask an audience to give a big hand to someone, you are asking them to clap him or her. I'm Hal Morgan and these are the Praise Him Singers from Muncie, Indiana, so let's give them a big hand. Note: You can also ask for a big hand for someone or say that someone gets a big hand. Let's have a big hand for our first act, ladies and gentlemen. Mr Wells got a big hand from most of the people present.
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give somebody a big ˈhand

(informal) clap your hands loudly and enthusiastically: Let’s have a big hand, ladies and gentlemen, for our next performer...
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