give (someone) the time of day, not to/won't

not give (one) the time of day

To completely ignore, disregard, or be unfriendly toward one. My colleagues wouldn't give me the time of day after they found out that my father had influenced the company's decision to hire me. Once he found such huge success, Tom won't give any of his old friends the time of day. That guy didn't give me the time of day back in high school, and now he won't stop calling me.
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time of day

The hour shown on a clock; also, a stage in any activity or period. For example, What time of day is the repairman coming? or This is hardly the time of day to ask for another installment when he's just turned one in . [Late 1500s] Also see not give someone the time of day.
See also: of, time
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give (someone) the time of day, not to/won't

To refuse to pay someone the slightest attention. The analogy here is to refusing to answer even the simple question “What time is it?” The expression dates from the mid-twentieth century. Norman Mailer used it in Advertisements for Myself (1959): “You don’t even give me the time of day. You’re the coldest man I’ve ever known.”
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