give (someone/something) the once-over, to

give (one) the once-over

1. To inspect or examine one quickly. Make sure you give everyone the once-over before they come into the club. We don't want anyone bringing in anything dangerous. Let me give you the once-over to make sure your outfit looks all right.
2. To look at one in a way that conveys interest, often sexual interest. That cute guy is definitely giving you the once-over—you should go talk to him!
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give (something) a once-over

1. To review, inspect, or examine something in a quick or precursory fashion. Can you give my paper a once-over? Just see if you spot any typos. Make sure you give those figures a once-over to make sure they are correct.
2. To clean something in a quick or precursory fashion. Just give those shelves a once-over because Grandma will be here any minute!
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give (someone/something) the once-over, to

To make a quick assessment or examination. An Americanism dating from the early twentieth century, once-over was defined in Dialect Notes in 1915 as “a glance.” In Elizabeth Bowen’s novel The Death of the Heart (1938), “Daphne gave the rest of the cakes a rather scornful once-over.”
See also: give, to
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