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from (the) git-go

Sl. from the very start. This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go. I warned you about this from git-go.

Them as has, gits.

Rur. Rich people can always get more. The millionaire keeps making more and more money, because he has lots of money to invest. Them as has, gits. Tom: Bill already owns half the property in town, and here the court went and awarded him that vacant lot. Jane: You know how it isthem as has, gits.
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from (the) git-go

mod. from the very start. (see also git-go, jump (street).) This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go.

from git-go



n. the very beginning. (see also from (the) git-go.) He’s been gritching ever since git-go.
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The GIT plan would allow expensing for all new investment while the SIT proposal would allow for a simplified accelerated deprecation.
The Bitbucket and Stash releases shipping today cap a year of incredible momentum around enterprise DVCS, specifically Git, for Atlassian:
By integrating Git workflow with a centralized workflow, Perforce Helix addresses the limitations of native Git and other Git management solutions in the enterprise.
GIT Award founder and Liverpool ECHO journalist Peter Guy joins Liverpool music promoter, Steve Miller, the man behind club night EVOL.
Under its new program, GIT will offer an HDHP and will recommend one or more HSA accounts offered by major financial institutions.
Git Fusion extends Perforce's enterprise version management capabilities to Git repositories, giving administrators greater scalability, IP security and defensibility, availability, compliance and visibility across all projects and teams.
Helix GitSwarm is a complete Git management solution that provides Git project management, a merge-request workflow, issue tracking and an integrated wiki.
The fourth GIT Award recipient will follow in the footsteps of previous winners Loved Ones (2012), Baltic Fleet (2013) and last year's victor Forest Swords, who, due to touring commitments, drafted in reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry to collect his prize.
For more information, contact Judy Graziani, GIT director, at (650) 802-2405 or judith.
A vain git who rises at dawn to exercise and sunbathe.
Fresh out of prison, having served time for someone else's crime, laconic Git Hynes (Peter McDonald, a quietly attention-getting newcomer) finds himself in new trouble and the beguilingly bad company of Bunny Kelly (Brendan Gleeson).
SourceTree works with Subversion, Git and Mercurial, and integrates with Bitbucket repositories for both Git and Mercurial
Organizations leveraging open source, scaling Agile and adopting DevOps now have deeper levels of traceability and reporting, and tighter integrations with JIRA, Git, Subversion and other leading tools to create a unified software delivery tool chain.
WIRRAL musician Forest Swords was crowned the winner of the coveted GIT Award at a city centre ceremony.
The average firm size the GIT covers is about three people, Phillips says, due to the great number of sole practitioners in the plan.