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from the git-go

Immediately; from the beginning; from the very start. Martha and I tried dating again, but right from the git-go, we knew it wasn't going to work. Their team has been dominating the match from the git-go.

git along

1. To depart or travel on. (In both usages, "git" is a rural colloquial variant of "get.") Primarily heard in US. Thank'ee kindly, ma'am, but we'd better git along. Tell them boys to git along, or we'll never reach camp before sundown.
2. To endure or persevere. I ain't never learned to read 'r write, and I been gittin' along just fine, thank you.
3. To interact (with someone) in an amiable or agreeable way. We didn't git along at first, but we're good friends now. Even after 15 years of marriage, he and I still git along like two peas in pod!
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the git-go

The beginning; the very start. Martha and I tried dating again, but right from the git-go, we knew it wasn't going to work. Their team has been dominating the match from the git-go.

them as has, gits

Those who already have material wealth are granted access to many advantages, benefits, and opportunities not available to the poor. "Gits" is a colloquial misspelling of "gets," used deliberately for ironic effect. The hurricane swept through and destroyed the property of the poor and rich alike. But them as has, gits, so you can be sure the wealthy neighborhoods will recover much faster than their less well-off neighbors. It's no surprise to me that the top positions of power across the world belong to those who come from rich families. After all, them as has, gits.
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from (the) git-go

Sl. from the very start. This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go. I warned you about this from git-go.

Them as has, gits.

Rur. Rich people can always get more. The millionaire keeps making more and more money, because he has lots of money to invest. Them as has, gits. Tom: Bill already owns half the property in town, and here the court went and awarded him that vacant lot. Jane: You know how it isthem as has, gits.
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from (the) git-go

mod. from the very start. (see also git-go, jump (street).) This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go.

from git-go



n. the very beginning. (see also from (the) git-go.) He’s been gritching ever since git-go.
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FORGIVE me if I seem like a grumpy old git today but I feel like a grumpy old git.