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from (the) git-go

Sl. from the very start. This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go. I warned you about this from git-go.

Them as has, gits.

Rur. Rich people can always get more. The millionaire keeps making more and more money, because he has lots of money to invest. Them as has, gits. Tom: Bill already owns half the property in town, and here the court went and awarded him that vacant lot. Jane: You know how it isthem as has, gits.
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from (the) git-go

mod. from the very start. (see also git-go, jump (street).) This kind of thing has been a problem from the git-go.

from git-go



n. the very beginning. (see also from (the) git-go.) He’s been gritching ever since git-go.
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While we developed Cycligent Git Tool to help us work with more complex Git repositories, especially those containing numerous submodules or microservices, we found that it worked well for our smaller projects as well.
About 150-200 grams gut content was collected in clean polythene bags from each GIT part of the freshly slaughtered animals.
Taya, who was born in Toxteth, follows on from previous GIT Award Ones To Watch Lapsley (2014), who has just released her debut album and completed a world tour and Louis Berry (2015), who is recording his debut in Nashville.
Most common site for GI biopsy was from stomach, which correlates with similar studies on GIT biopsies.
While GitHub is very useful and, indeed, highly useable, users must first learn the jargon associated with git workflows and the GitHub community.
PEZA has also proposed to limit the availment of the 5 percent GIT to a period of 15 to 20 years, which is enough time for companies to establish their businesses comfortably.
Our niche is to bring high-end talent to the fore, with ideas that have an essential brand inside the idea, and to hopefully excite the marketplace with those offerings," says GIT CEO Katie O'Connell.
Git Pocket Guide provides a fine pocket-book-sized reference for software engineers working with Git, a distributed version control system, and provides both a quick introduction for newcomers and a quick reference for those who want refresher points while in the field.
GIT Satellite Communications has confirmed that GIT Satellite Communications X-Track Asset Management System has met the requirements necessary to be designated as an Iridiumâ LBS Premium Portal Provider in connection with the Iridium Extreme satellite phone.
I can now be a bad-tempered, grumpy old git on the back benches.
GIT will develop and update the current version of the system to the latest versions available.
GIT will develop central system hardware to raise their performance to be able to absorb the large and increasing volume of data and procedures and number of users in all governmental units.
DSU GIT realized this problem first hand through our experiences with Hurricane Katrina and has contributed to the development of a standardized way of producing letter-size map sheets based on the U.
Bacteriocins and fatty acids are just two examples of pharmabiotic substances which may contribute to probiotic functionality within the mammalian GIT.