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girlie magazine

n. a magazine featuring pictures of nude women. The girlie magazines were hidden under the counter.
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girlie show

n. a performance featuring nude women. This movie has turned out to be nothing but a girlie show.
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The full Smooch line will be available at THE STORE by Girlie Designs at 7494B Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.
Any furniture you choose should be girlie - white would be an ideal choice to complement the colours in the room.
Holding true to its name, Girlie Things really is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things remotely cute, sexy or luxurious to indulge your femininity.
The two pals are lapping up luxury treatment on a girlie holiday; Jan 1988 Kylie in Neighbours; 1991 Natalie in Neighbours Pictures: BIGPICTURESPHOTO.
However, with the Fiat Stilo filling the vacancy as the highest new entry and the Peugeot 307 and the Renault Megane both up two places, it seems the trend is away from girlie cars and towards more family orientated vehicles, says AutoPlanet.
The friend said Charlotte is asking her boyfriend Kyle Johnson, 19, to make himself scarce for a night so she can have a girlie chat with Billie.
Angela, who is due to give birth this month, said: 'I'm having to accept my girlie days are over and I can no longer race around in a sports car.
Sir Mark Prescott's Girlie Set should notch up yet another win in the Manny Bernstein First For Service Handicap (3.
But I do feel so out of date with such a girlie hairstyle in my late 30s.
Emphasizing this subversive move into reality, Teststrip has recently relocated from the trendy, cafe part of town to K-Road, a strip of saunas and girlie bars.
FORMER Sugababe Keisha Buchanan was in Liverpool to officially launch girlie haven The Jacques Townhouse.
Trendy, bubbly and girlie Describe your look from head to toe: Hair by Hulins at Lindley, top by New Look, jeggings from Top Shop, accessories by Miss Selfridge, shoes from River Island What's your favourite shop?
The model-turned-entrepreneur is confident her handmade, glittery, girlie chocolates will beat the industry giants as customers snap up her glamorous, ribbon-tied boxes.
However, it's not all about being girlie girlie, as there's a rock-chick-meets-vintage edge to the look for the summer.
The range, co-designed with UK home furnishing company Ashley Wilde, is a girlie, slightly camp cornucopia of satin, taffeta, sequins and sparkles inspired by the Showgirl tour's feathered headdresses and Minogue's grandmother Nain.