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Part coming-of-age drama and part exploration of the minority experience - Marieme and her besties are all black - Girlhood is a small triumph.
That your knees bear the lore of your girlhood daring.
Whereas previous chapters broadened definitions of girlhood by extending them to troublesome adults and by blurring the gender of infants, this chapter proceeds to rely upon this narrow definition of girlhood that limits it only to prepubescent childhood.
Girlhood Cert 15 WHEN Marieme (Karidja Toure) fails her final year at school, she embraces her limited horizons and joins a local girl gang in a Parisian suburb.
The colour of the bus comes from the One Nation colour scheme - see Ed's speech at last conference - and it would have been patronising and defeatist to avoid it because it has been stolen by the toy industry as a badge of girlhood.
Their secret shadows their girlhood together and follows them into Adelaide's marriage.
In many communities, the partial removal of a woman's external genitalia is part of the traditional rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood.
Both The Girlhood of Mary Virgin and "Aspecta Medusa" bear out Jonathan Freedman's astute claim that aestheticist works "persistently creates conundrums or puzzles that are designed to elicit acts of interpretation but not to provide any resolution for them.
Nice Girls Still Don't Get the Corner Office comes from the president of Corporate Coaching International, a popular speaker and executive coach who reveals a set of behaviors women learn in girlhood that can affect their adulthood.
Many aspects of her girlhood days are seen in the opening chapters of The Mill on the Floss, published 150 years ago.
Yellow then became popular in the 18th century, pink followed as it was associated with girlhood and innocence.
Ann follows Richards from girlhood poverty to big-haired, boozy homemaker to the Lone Star State's second female governor.
In Gringa: A Contradictory Girlhood, Melissa Hart writes that when she was in grade school, her mother fell in love with the bus driver who picked up Melissa's younger brother for school each day.
CALABASAS - For Stephanie Lemus, a mixture of candied bacon and a girlhood dream to poke the Pillsbury Doughboy in the tummy has brought her closer to a $1 million prize.
When I returned to the baseball field of my girlhood,