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Positioning Wells as interpreter and mediator of Smith's images in book form, I argue that the volume paradoxically moderates and emphasizes the subversive elements of Smith's art, suggesting that girlhood's potentiality need not (and indeed cannot) find its fulfillment in marriage.
Girlhood for these characters signifies resistance, change, and self-fashioning; they embody the multiple possibilities signaled by the label of "girl." Chapter 2 reads Richard IPs Isabelle de France, usually considered an adult, as a girl, suggesting through a historical analysis that Shakespeare's "dramatization of medieval child marriage ...
Finally, in perhaps the most vivid instance of a revolutionary approach to girlhood research, Stephanie Fisher, Jennifer Jenson, and Suzanne de Castell, in their fascinating chapter, "Dynamic (Con)Texts: Close Readings of Girls' Video Gameplay," go beyond lamenting the current status of girl gamers as "marginalized and pinkified" (267), beyond simply "observing and reporting on girls' gameplay in the typical context of gameplay, where males have the advantage" (270).
She accordingly divides her study into three sections: 'Shakespeare's Girls', 'Stages of Girlhood', and 'Writing Girls'.
Critique: An original, authentic, engaging, exceptionally well written and thoroughly entertaining novel, Norma Elia Cantu's "Canicula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera" is very highly recommended for both community and academic library Literary Fiction collections.
Making Modern Girls is a history of girlhood and the fascinating contestations that played out in colonial Lagos over the meanings of childhood more generally.
The show aims to brings back the innocence of 1970s girlhood when teenagers navigated the world without mobile phones or the internet.
GEORGE, Making Modern Girls: a history of girlhood, labor, and social development in colonial Lagos.
Part coming-of-age drama and part exploration of the minority experience - Marieme and her besties are all black - Girlhood is a small triumph.
Girlhood Cert 15 WHEN Marieme (Karidja Toure) fails her final year at school, she embraces her limited horizons and joins a local girl gang in a Parisian suburb.
Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah said the colour has been "stolen by the toy industry as a badge of girlhood" but it would have been "patronising and defeatist" not to use it for the party's Woman to Woman campaign.
Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah said the colour has been "stolen by the toy industry as a badge of girlhood" but it would have "patronising and defeatist" not to use it for the party's 'Woman to Woman' campaign.
In many communities, the partial removal of a woman's external genitalia is part of the traditional rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood.
The last two decades or so have witnessed the emergence of an important and wide-ranging new field: Girlhood (or Girls') Studies.
Nice Girls Still Don't Get the Corner Office comes from the president of Corporate Coaching International, a popular speaker and executive coach who reveals a set of behaviors women learn in girlhood that can affect their adulthood.