a girl thing

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a girl thing

Something that exclusively pertains to or is understood by females. No offense, Dad, but it's a girl thing, so I really need to talk to Mom—is she home?
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girl thing

n. something that women do; something that appeals to women. You wouldn’t understand. It’s a girl thing.
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girl thing/guy thing

Something particularly appropriate for or appealing to a girl or guy (woman/man). Girl Thing was the name of an all female British band popular in the late 1900s. This slangy sexist expression dates from the same period. For example, “The Monday night football games are definitely a guy thing,” or “Shopping for jewelry—that’s a girl thing.”
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She has a gorgeous, popular boyfriend, and even a couple girlfriends with whom she can do normal teenage girl things. She does not even miss the constant danger and excitement that comes with being around Digby, although she has a lot of questions about where he went and why she has not heard from him.
"I just wanted to be known as a boy, stop being called a girl and stop being made do girl things.
British women's tennis No1 crashed out of Australian Open and admitted that 'girl things' had affected her BRITISH tennis star Heather Watson crashed out in straight sets at the Australian Open last week.
The 22-year-old British female number one, pictured below, blamed "girl things" when she took a beating.
TURQUOISE TOY WATCH, $195 * Friend Girl Things, 1722 Veterans Blvd., McComb, 601.684.5353
"She was just a normal girl doing the normal girl things.
"It's just one of these things that I have, girl things. It just happens.
Some of it is over what I would call girl things, such as when she has her friends over to watch a movie.
Zena reckons if she had teamed up with a Scots girl things may have turned out differently.