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And Louis' several girls he wanted for himself; and anyway, in the very human nature of boys' and girls' ways, he couldn't turn any of them over to me.
THE FLOWER GIRL [springing up terrified] I ain't done nothing wrong by speaking to the gentleman.
This war will be pleasant," replied the girl, cheerfully.
And yet once or twice he saw the pure gold of this girl shine through the mist that his egotism had raised between him and all objects.
The Story Girl looked as if she might tell if she would.
The girl gradually recovered her senses; and, staggering to a chair by the bedside, hid her face upon the pillow: leaving Mr.
Although his task was no easier than that of the day before, the youth set out much more cheerfully, because he knew he could count an the help of the black girl.
He had suddenly realized that he had come mighty near falling in love with this girl of whom he had known nothing up to the previous moment when she had voluntarily revealed a portion of her past to him.
Through three other chambers and past three more massive doors, at each of which her guard was changed, the girl was conducted before she was ushered into a comparatively small room, back and forth across the floor of which paced a man in a scarlet tunic, upon the front and back of which was embroidered an enormous parrot and upon whose head was a barbaric headdress surmounted by a stuffed parrot.
Fyne, it seems that without being very perceptibly less "odious" than his family he had in a rather mysterious fashion interposed his authority for the protection of the girl.
Ecco la," said the young girl with the black eyes, languidly.
Let's see," she remarked; "I was about to give my girl a little 'Cleverness,' which is the Doctor's substitute for 'Intelligence'--a quality he has not yet learned how to manufacture.
The girl sat at my feet straining her eyes toward the deck of the oncoming boat.
I'll give you until noon, Daddy," said the girl in a voice which carried a more strongly defined tone of authority than her father's soft drawl, "and then I shall come into that room, if I have to use an axe, and bring you out--do you understand?
Those girls had grown up in the first bitter-hard times, and had got little schooling themselves.