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bathtub gin

Any alcoholic drink that is made by an amateur at home or in makeshift conditions. Refers to the use of bathtubs in creating illegal alcohol (most often gin, hence the name) during the prohibition years in the US. This stuff is strong, but it tastes like bathtub gin!
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gin mill

and gin dive and gin palace
n. a saloon; a low liquor establishment. (Older.) Fred hit every gin mill on the way home. The joint looks like a gin dive. I’m not going in there!
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gin dive

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gin palace

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Britain's love for the tipple made gin a popular gift this Christmas, along with a wide range of gin-themed gifts such as gin baubles, gin advent calendars and gin glassware.
Over the weekend, The Gin Society brought its popular touring festival to Teesside University Students' Union.
Already, Angel Gin is selling fast, with customers who, already fans of their award-winning SteamPunk Gin, keen to taste the new arrival.
Figures from the Government's HMRC (Revenue and Customs) show that the number of gin distilleries in the UK has risen to more than 300 - twice as many as there were five years ago.
Among the brands said by the article to be manufactured largely south of the border or abroad are Tyree Gin, Barra Atlantic Gin, Glasgow Gin, Dundee Gin and Shetland's Blackwood Gin.
The two much-loved Hortus Gin Liqueurs 50cl -- 'Rhubarb and Ginger' and 'Scottish Raspberry' -- are hand crafted and traditionally distilled in copper stills, priced at just [pounds sterling]11.
In fact expenditure on gin has risen by 16%, to such a degree that the Office of National Statistics has added a bottle of gin to the "shopping basket" used to measure consumer
Nicol and his uncle went for a walk in the mountain forest which is a famous conservation site in Japan and which hosts the Sancho berries that are the heart of the gin.
Organisers say the event "allows you to get up close and personal with your favourite independent gin companies".
Tokens for a single measure of gin cost PS5, with mixers and garnishes complimentary.
Scofflaw's cocktail menu is modest--eight or so drinks--but having opened with 70 gins, the bar now features about 100, and it's running out of space for new ones.
Snowdonia Distillery owner Chris Marshall said: "It's tradition in the gin world that 'over-proof ' gins, or at least those of 57% ABV and above, are termed 'Navy Strength.
GIN may be one of the fastest growing artisanal spirits, but it's also one of the few spirits we don't sip neat.