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bathtub gin

Any alcoholic drink that is made by an amateur at home or in makeshift conditions. Refers to the use of bathtubs in creating illegal alcohol (most often gin, hence the name) during the prohibition years in the US. This stuff is strong, but it tastes like bathtub gin!
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gin mill

and gin dive and gin palace
n. a saloon; a low liquor establishment. (Older.) Fred hit every gin mill on the way home. The joint looks like a gin dive. I’m not going in there!
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gin dive

See also: dive, gin

gin palace

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Harry and mum Ginny are filmed talking about their latest award, left
Head over heels in love with Dick, Ginny threw herself into mothering with her characteristic, no-holds-barred enthusiasm.
After successfully writing three comic monologues about her alter ego, harassed housewife Ruth Rich, Ginny used her adventures in international dog rescue as the basis for a new play.
Attracting more than 20,000 visitors each year, Ginny is the member for England and is busy preparing the stall for the event this November, which has a theme of "roots and beginnings".
Rev Ginny Burton, the new priest-in-charge for Towyn
Ginny has to confront the fact that the owner is stopping her horses.
But Ginny came back and Betty Stove seemed to shrink in the face of the onslaught.
So I'm very excited about that because Ginny was always quiet.
Ginny now works for local Spanish wine importers and retailers Spanish Spirit who recognise that one of the best ways to sell wine today is through special events like this and have taken the initiative in inviting other specialist wine firms in the area to work together.
Ginny, 65, decided to raise money for the charity after losing five members of her family to the disease, including her husband Arthur, mother Rose, brother Christopher Austin, nephew Stephen Austin and son-in-law Phil Lee.
Ginny Edge is a British MP's wife, happy to shake hands and smile when required, but far more interested in bringing up her family.
When Ginny Jones decided to treat herself to a camel ride on holiday she thought it would be a good memory of her trip.
SUPER-SLIMMER Ginny Jones shed more than half her body weight - thanks to a diet by Rosemary Conley and belly dancing
The Holmes and Watson Mysterious Events and Objects Consortium: The Case of the Witch's Talisman" is about a girl named Ginny and her best friend, Kevin.