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ginger knob

vulgar derogatory A person, typically a man, with naturally red hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger minge

1. vulgar derogatory A woman with naturally red hair (a reference to her pubic hair, where "minge" is vulgar slang for the vulva/vagina). Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
2. vulgar derogatory The external genitals of a woman with red pubic hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger minger

derogatory slang A person with red hair who is considered unattractive. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger group

A small group of people within a political party or organization who attempt to influence the other members of the group. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The party was staunchly conservative until the ginger group slowly started shifting them to a more liberal stance on social issues.
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ginger group

a highly active faction within a party or movement that presses for stronger action on a particular issue.informal
An old horse dealer's trick (recorded from the late 18th century) to make a broken-down animal look lively was to insert ginger into its anus. From this developed the metaphorical phrase ginger up , meaning ‘make someone or something more lively’; in the early 20th century the term ginger group arose, to refer to a highly active faction in a party or movement that presses for stronger action about something.
1970 New Society The appearance of ginger groups to fight specific proposals, is not necessarily a bad thing—particularly if the established bodies aren't prepared to fight.
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A 1982 study revealed that people prone to motion sickness who took ginger lasted 57 percent longer in a computerized rocking chair than people who took an over-the-counter remedy.
It will be happy days for gingers in the area and also ginger tourists who I hope will flock to Prestatyn.
It is the idea of owner Mark Linaker, who describes himself as a former ginger, who believes that carrot tops deserve a break.
And Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan recently shaved off her scarlet locks, claiming it was for a role - but I reckon she was just fed up with the ginger jibes.
But it was only after my first photography session with seven gingers that I began exploring the innate sense of community and collective experience that emerged from the otherness of the gingers.
We're slowing building up the numbers in preparation for when we take over the weighing room and have all the star gingers on our team.
The constituents and antiproliferative effect of the fresh, dried and steamed gingers were then quantitatively compared.
There is also a Facebook group promoting "Hug a ginger day", and in a number of references to the Harry Potter series, groups include "The Weasleys - making gingers look hot since 2001".
Boffins at the Oxford Hair Foundation say that natural gingers will disappear by 2100 as the single gene which causes it - the MC1R - is not being passed down as it used to.
As if childhood doesn't have enough conflicting, confusing messages, us gingers get far more than the average sprog.
Now the Sunday ECHO has created it's own gallery of star gingers.
The event, which doubled as a handy sheltering spot for fair-haired gingers during the heatwave, was staged as part of Moseley Festival.
The objective of this study was to determine the acute oral toxicity of steamed and dried ginger ( Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Zingiberaceae) extract (SDGE) in female and male Sprague -Dawley (SD) rats at doses of 0 and 5,000 mg/kg body weight.