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ginger knob

vulgar derogatory A person, typically a man, with naturally red hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger minge

1. vulgar derogatory A woman with naturally red hair (a reference to her pubic hair, where "minge" is vulgar slang for the vulva/vagina). Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
2. vulgar derogatory The external genitals of a woman with red pubic hair. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger minger

derogatory slang A person with red hair who is considered unattractive. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland.
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ginger group

A small group of people within a political party or organization who attempt to influence the other members of the group. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The party was staunchly conservative until the ginger group slowly started shifting them to a more liberal stance on social issues.
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ginger group

a highly active faction within a party or movement that presses for stronger action on a particular issue.informal
An old horse dealer's trick (recorded from the late 18th century) to make a broken-down animal look lively was to insert ginger into its anus. From this developed the metaphorical phrase ginger up , meaning ‘make someone or something more lively’; in the early 20th century the term ginger group arose, to refer to a highly active faction in a party or movement that presses for stronger action about something.
1970 New Society The appearance of ginger groups to fight specific proposals, is not necessarily a bad thing—particularly if the established bodies aren't prepared to fight.
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Then she covered my back with a towel and left me to relax for half an hour while the ginger worked its magic.
About 10 Kg fresh matured yellow ginger (Zingiber officianale) was purchased from a local market in Makurdi, Nigeria.
of lightly cooked fresh ginger each day with his meat and vegetables.
Proud: Reigning Ginger Queen Rowena Mills, a medical student.
Choose fresh ginger over dried ginger to preserve the high levels of gingerol content.
According to the scientists, ginger powder can be used as a functional material, but only in the proper way so that adding it to baked products would cause few changes to the product's texture, sensory or functional properties.
Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries.
Others want the third fence at Aintree named after the trainer, or for a regular Ginger McCain race to be introduced.
The alcoholic ginger beer fixture is about to get even more crowded with the launch of Wychwood's Ginger Beard.
Ginger is known to have pronounced antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antiemetic, antidiabetic and anticancer properties, many related to the diarylheptanoids and gingerol related compounds.
Even Prince Harry can't escape the mickey-taking associated with having a ginger bonce.
Visitors can sample the garden's home-made ginger beer, buy something from a variety of stalls selling ginger-related products and dine from a special ginger-themed menu.
Ginger requires partial shade and long, hot, humid summers.
I'm a Herculean fan of ginger: I lust after ginger candy, I love ginger tea and I'm rather partial to ginger-laced Asian fare.