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for kicks and for laughs; for giggles

Fig. for fun; just for entertainment; for no good reason. They didn't mean any harm. They just did it for kicks. We drove over to the next town for laughs.
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giggle at someone or something

to snicker or chuckle at someone or something. Are you giggling at me? Fran giggled at the antics of the clown.
See also: giggle

giggle goo

(ˈgɪglæ gu)
n. liquor. Can I pour you a little of that giggle goo?
See also: giggle, goo


n. going to clubs and bars. We spent the whole night giggling, but never got really, totally drunk.
See also: giggle
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She'd get giggly and silly after a few glasses, so then she would stop.
She has this quality that turns powerful men into giggly schoolboys.
We were also starting to get headaches and getting a bit giggly sometimes.
Then giggly Vic just had to take a sneaky peek at her bosom buddy's assets.
Next up is ``Welcome to New York,'' which finds Christine Baranski (``Cybill'') playing Marsha Bickner, a neurotic New York power broker who produces a local TV morning news magazine anchored by a giggly ditz (Mary Birdsong) and a breathtakingly narcissistic Ken doll (Rocky Carroll, smoothly funny) so phony and venal he can't imagine anyone actually uttering a simple truth.
Denise shows Carol she is a glass act PM PM New girls Sally and Carol look giggly Young Chloe is a sight for sore eyes PM AM Party girl Denise gets close to a young reveller at bar AM Pal plays great supporting role as tiredness kicks in AM Chloe can't bear to look as snappers get a flash Telly star Richard's tweet proves day out was an epic
The show became more laidback, with Campbell getting giggly when she forgot the words, to which Mason deadpanned: "It's a folk song.
Minogue, 37, who has been more relaxed, giggly, and confident on The X Factor, revealed to Fabulous in her hotel room in the centre of Sydney, she's literally bursting with excitement.
With10 Illuminating episodes from the charismatic Spongebob and his many hilarious pals, including Squidward Tentacles, Mr Krabs, Patrick Star and Sandy Cheeks, this DVD is jam -packed with boisterous, giggly fun.
Giggly Rocco, three, had a great time playing with his film director father Guy, 35, and pop star mum Madonna, 45.
She essays her subject as something of a giggly, goofy and insecure drama queen who enjoys all the attention, if for all the wrong reasons.
The giggly pair were joined for the champagne bash by cousins Prince William and Prince Harry - and Wills' new bride Kate.
She'll be all giggly, playing with her hair and saying, "Oh, you're so funny
They are like two giggly school kids when they are together.
Lee - currently in the charts with Signed, Sealed - carried the giggly blonde up the steps at Salford's five-star Lowry hotel.