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for kicks and for laughs; for giggles

Fig. for fun; just for entertainment; for no good reason. They didn't mean any harm. They just did it for kicks. We drove over to the next town for laughs.
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giggle at someone or something

to snicker or chuckle at someone or something. Are you giggling at me? Fran giggled at the antics of the clown.
See also: giggle

giggle goo

(ˈgɪglæ gu)
n. liquor. Can I pour you a little of that giggle goo?
See also: giggle, goo


n. going to clubs and bars. We spent the whole night giggling, but never got really, totally drunk.
See also: giggle
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Because no award-winning BBQ fare is complete without peach cobbler, country apple pie, banana bread pudding or Southern pecan pie, Pitts & Giggles serves up dessert too.
As we smile and giggle and enjoy ourselves we'll also think of those young lives lost and those who have lost their innocence for ever as a result of mindless violence.
Enna would giggle for 15 minutes at a time, constantly through the day.
What better way to celebrate this special day than to seek the images of "The Heart and The Eagle" (and the chicken) and giggle and giggle
Giggle Goodie Bag full of things to make you smile.
I'm afraid I got the giggles most days when we sat down to eat, so much so that I missed four entire meals during the week away.
The primary audience for Project Giggles was all Cadbury Schweppes employees in Australia, from senior executives to factory workers.
Raven, we decided, is like a water balloon of good vibes, bursting with giggles and down-with-you statements like, "Girl, fo' sho
Richard Lederer has fashioned an enviable career--to the tune of some 2000 books and articles, if the cover blurb is to be believed--out of collecting puns, typographical errors, mangled metaphors, accidental double entendres, and other linguistic faux pas that are guaranteed to induce giggles in those of us inclined, whether by nature or nurture, to find such philological shenanigans giggle-inducing.
The kilted Prince of Wales was clearly having a fit of the giggles yesterday.
Still, the giggles are inevitably laced with a bit of nervousness, for while the show is quite clearly a send-up, what it is sending up are the cultural and social values that undergird the wildly free marketplace which young people today are being socialized to compete in, or die trying.
has signed a 10-year commercial lease for 5,900 square feet of space at Westfield Topanga for what will be a new addition to Giggles N' Hugs' current restaurant location at the Westfield Century City mall.
Remedy: Refund Consumers should immediately take the animated monkey away from children, remove the batteries and return the toy to any Cracker Barrel Old Country Store or contact Giggles International for a full refund.
A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl who had a brain tumour removed has become Little Miss Giggles due to a bizarre side effect of the life-saving operation.
CHIN UP Mezhgan is playful at table GIGGLES Tourists don't recognise Simon LADIES LUNCH Mezhgan, mum, pal and Simon on Rodeo Drive yesterday