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for kicks and for laughs; for giggles

Fig. for fun; just for entertainment; for no good reason. They didn't mean any harm. They just did it for kicks. We drove over to the next town for laughs.
See also: and, giggle, kick

giggle at someone or something

to snicker or chuckle at someone or something. Are you giggling at me? Fran giggled at the antics of the clown.
See also: giggle

giggle goo

(ˈgɪglæ gu)
n. liquor. Can I pour you a little of that giggle goo?
See also: giggle, goo


n. going to clubs and bars. We spent the whole night giggling, but never got really, totally drunk.
See also: giggle
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Gigglers - the most flirtatious, suggestive and sexual of the categories, commonly exhibited by young females around members of the opposite sex.
GIGGLER Izzy May tipped the scales at 6lb 6oz when she was born on July 4.
She remembers Titanic star Kate Winslett as being a great giggler as well as England goalie David Seaman.
Guaranteeing that the series goes out on a high is regular Friday Night visitor, Jonathan's real-life mate and inveterate giggler Ricky Gervais (below), who turns up with a sneak clip of his forthcoming series Extras, featuring Kate Winslet.
Thrilled Brenda, who has to change 30 nappies a day, told how her famous girls are developing their own characters - KELLY is the quiet one, KATIE's the boss, SHAUNA's a tiny rogue and AMY is the the giggler.
GARDENING expert Charlie Dimmock bedded down in a bath of popcorn yesterday - to celebrate being named Giggler of the Year.
Sue says: "Bill's the first to admit he's always been a terrible giggler, so we have to be careful because he makes me laugh.
In the film Amadeus - a 1984 sensation, winning eight Oscars - the composer was played by Tom Hulce as a manic giggler whose rude behaviour belied his supreme talent.
Even if the giggler does turn out to be an insensitive clod, the interpreter's self-awareness is crucial to not exacerbate the situation.
But the Haverfordwest-born Batman has revealed the reason why, to paraphrase his Dark Knight nemesis The Joker, "he's always so serious" - it's because he's secretly a chronic giggler.
I'm a big giggler; I'm probably more of a giggler than he is; he's drier than me - believe it or not.