giggle at (someone or something)

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giggle at (someone or something)

To utter a short laugh elicited by someone or something. I giggled at the baby's attempts to grab her feet. We giggled at the professor when his voice cracked, then quickly hid our faces when other people turned around to look at us.
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giggle at someone or something

to snicker or chuckle at someone or something. Are you giggling at me? Fran giggled at the antics of the clown.
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n. going to clubs and bars. We spent the whole night giggling, but never got really, totally drunk.
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I had to giggle at US Daily Show presenter Trevor Noah's take on 'stiletto-gate' though.
We kept on saying perhaps she is having a good old giggle at us up there.'
"Europeans giggle at us and say we're naive and so on, but we're not Europeans, we're Americans and we have different principles."
We keep on saying perhaps she's having a good old giggle at us up there.'