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Gifted or talented children may seem mature for their age, but they may not be able to make mature career decisions.
Abilities, interests, and values should not be the only considerations in career/life development and planning for gifted and talented individuals, as behavioral manifestations of personality characteristics are also important to successful careers.
Perfectionism, the internal drive to achieve and fulfill high expectations imposed on oneself; is a trait that can affect a gifted or talented individual either negatively or positively.
Indeed, federal funding of gifted education is slim, and threatened.
And though gifted advocates do it knowing they are treading on sensitive land, they often compare funding for special education to funding for gifted education, if only to underscore the need for a federal mandate to support gifted students.
As much as I hate to say this, there has been a decline in gifted education.
In one ethnographic study (Peterson & Margolin, 1997), themes in the language of dominant-culture teachers, as they explained nominations of children in their classrooms for a hypothetical gifted program, reflected dominant-culture values.
Some troubled gifted students may self-medicate with substances (Peterson, 1998).
In summary, school counselors should be aware that intellectually gifted and otherwise highly talented nonmainstream students may not be identified either by standardized tests or by teacher nominations.
This student may qualify for a gifted program but may also need special educational programming for the learning disability.
After studying seven students identified as gifted with learning disabilities who participated in this program, Baum (1988) concluded that the program was successful, with only one student failing to complete a project, and with most students, teachers, and parents reporting improved academic achievement in other areas.
Characteristics of Gifted Students With Learning Disabilities
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