gift of gab

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the gift of (the) gab

The ability to speak to others in a self-assured, persuasive manner. Alexis really has the gift of gab, so she should be the one to address the potential investors.
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gift of gab

Talent for verbal fluency, especially the ability to talk persuasively. For example, His gift of gab made him a wonderful salesman. [Late 1700s]
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the gift of the gab


the gift of gab

If someone has the gift of the gab, they are able to speak confidently, clearly, and in a persuasive way. He was entertaining company and certainly had the gift of the gab. Thompson has the gift of the gab and is a born communicator. He was a pleasant little man with spiked hair, a black pipe, and a great gift of gab. Note: This expression may be related to the Irish and Gaelic word `gab', which means mouth.
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the gift of the gab

the ability to speak with eloquence and fluency.
Gab , dating from the late 18th century, was an informal word for ‘conversation or chatter’. In Scotland it was associated with gab , an early 18th-century dialect variant of gob meaning ‘the mouth’.
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the gift of the ˈgab

(British English) (American English a gift of/for ˈgab) (informal, sometimes disapproving) the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words: To be a successful sales executive you need the gift of the gab. Gab is possibly from the Irish word for mouth. The Irish have a reputation as good talkers.
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Clinton put the common touch on Monica Lewinsky and used his gift of gab to lie under oath.
And she's got the gift of gab, her enthusiasm for good-for-the-Earth products punctuated by a memorable, infectious laugh.
I have the gift of gab and could talk the bark off of a tree.
Chief Xcel on the turntables and well named vocalist Gift of Gab served up a soulful, lyrical, energetic feast bathed in party vibes.
As part of Clwb Ifor Bach's Hustler Showcase, Cardiff was treated to a night of dancing and whooping to the musical delights of Chief Xcel and The Gift of Gab.
Armed only with his gift of gab and a set of inflated financials, Monus bilked money from investors, bought eight stores within a year and began the mini-empire that grew to 300 stores.
Phillips gives a running nature commentary along the way, often spiked with his keen sense of humor and gift of gab.
Starting November 6, Chali 2na will be headlining "The Deadliest Catch Tour" with Gift of Gab and Mr.
According to legend, any person who kisses the Blarney Stone in the Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland, will be endowed with the gift of gab.
With his quick Irish wit and easy gift of gab -- stereotypes I hope cause no offense to my red-headed, hot-tempered, potato-loving readers -- O'Connor was the natural go-to guy to weigh in on the protest over "insulting'' merchandise carried by Bed, Bath & Beyond.
If you're especially interested in appearing on TV, create YouTube videos that showcase your expertise and gift of gab.
Humans may owe the gift of gab to a newly discovered gene that helps keep vocal pipes limber.
Revealing a beauty queen's gift of gab, Natasha says she may have visited the most exotic places in the world, but a visit to a slum is a rare and beautiful experience.
It's being co-run by the owner's partner - a personal trainer who has the gift of gab but little style knowledge.
The Gift of Gab from the hip-hop outfit Blackalicious, meanwhile, lends vocals to the Blind Boys' version of Fat Boy Slim and Macy Gray's ``Demons.