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giddy up

Hurry up! Move faster! The phrase originated as an instruction used when trying to get a horse to move faster. Come on, kids, giddy up—the school bus will be here any minute!
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from giddy-up to whoa

Rur. all the way from the beginning to the end. The road is paved from giddy-up to whoa. The play stinks. It is dull from giddy-up to whoa.
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Giddy up!

exclam. Move faster! (Properly said to a horse to start it moving. Also said to people or things as a joke.) Giddy up, Charlie! It’s time to start moving.
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GE Appliances, a division of Haier Electronics Group (HKSE:1169), announced on Friday the launch of its new start up Giddy, an online community which allows businesses to co-create with passionate people as they develop new products or refine existing ones.
Apart from the fact that at times I felt a little giddy when they took bends in the track at considerable speed.
99) I was excited to share this with my giddy gang.
Mascot Giddy the Gorilla gives a hug Winging it Festive seagulls were on hand
Giddy Up Western Wear has an excellent selection of western wear and work wear to fit the whole family.
Stephen Amos at Giddy Goat festival Competitors at this year's Sandman Angelsey Triathlon at Newborough Park beach Pics ROBERT PARRY-JONES Steam train engines cross Afon Glaslyn during Welsh Highland Railway Quarry-Power Weekend.
Summary: Bolton rose to the giddy heights of fifth after hanging on for a thrilling 3-2 win at Wolves.
Solly, Lowestoft Feeling giddy Three days to Kieren Fallon's return.
Sweet Mama Produce will display the Baby Wumbler image on its watermelon bins as a result of a newly established relationship with the Giddy Gander Co.
4 : feeling and showing great happiness and joy <We were giddy after hearing the good news.
I'm sort of a Romenesko junkie, but reading your piece instilled in me the kind of giddy little-kid excitement that I used to get as, well, a giddy little kid thinking about seeing his name in the paper.
Giddy up: Carmel Price, Cheryl Sheeby and Tania Gleeson
Body: storehouse of the infinite, giddy, foolish, forgiven.