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giddy up

Hurry up! Move faster! The phrase originated as an instruction used when trying to get a horse to move faster. Come on, kids, giddy up—the school bus will be here any minute!
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oh my giddy aunt

dated A mild exclamation of surprise, alarm, dismay, annoyance, or exasperation. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Oh my giddy aunt, what a generous gift! Oh my giddy aunt! Don't scare me like that! A: "Oh my giddy aunt, what manner of rubbish are you watching?" B: "Haven't you seen this before? This is the latest reality TV sensation!"
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from giddy-up to whoa

Rur. all the way from the beginning to the end. The road is paved from giddy-up to whoa. The play stinks. It is dull from giddy-up to whoa.
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Giddy up!

exclam. Move faster! (Properly said to a horse to start it moving. Also said to people or things as a joke.) Giddy up, Charlie! It’s time to start moving.
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According to GE, with Giddy it is giving businesses access to fresh thinking while providing opportunities for people to do what they love and gain experience.
Stephen Amos at Giddy Goat festival Competitors at this year's Sandman Angelsey Triathlon at Newborough Park beach Pics ROBERT PARRY-JONES Steam train engines cross Afon Glaslyn during Welsh Highland Railway Quarry-Power Weekend.
730 days, and I still feel like a newlywed, I still blush when my hubby says my name, and I still get giddy when he's about to walk in the door.
Bolton have risen to the giddy heights of fifth in the Premier League after hanging on for a thrilling 3-2 win at Wolves.
I'm sort of a Romenesko junkie, but reading your piece instilled in me the kind of giddy little-kid excitement that I used to get as, well, a giddy little kid thinking about seeing his name in the paper.
In the words of a popular song covered by the reggae outfit, that makes our heart go giddy up.
Giddy up: Carmel Price, Cheryl Sheeby and Tania Gleeson
Body: storehouse of the infinite, giddy, foolish, forgiven.
The residential real estate weakness in the market materialized and with this and other forces taking hold, a continued weak housing market could easily dent the overall giddy consumer who has, in years past, stimulated the economy, propping up consumer spending and seemingly indulging an insatiable appetite for imports stimulating the US and global economy.
67 million years ago, before the dinosaurs ruled the earth, the atmosphere contained nearly 35 percent oxygen, enough to make you giddy. Today it contains 21 percent.
The BBC's over-hyped Robin Hood was like the giddy excitement of opening a Christmas present only to find a pair of socks - pleasant enough, just not quite as exciting as hoped.
It's something more like awe at the number and extent and infrastructural implications of Hadid's recent oeuvre, an awe energised by the pizzazz, drama, and effects of light intrinsic to the work, and then rendered almost giddy by the vortex of Wright's rotunda.