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giddy up

Hurry up! Move faster! The phrase originated as an instruction used when trying to get a horse to move faster. Come on, kids, giddy up—the school bus will be here any minute!
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oh my giddy aunt

dated A mild exclamation of surprise, alarm, dismay, annoyance, or exasperation. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Oh my giddy aunt, what a generous gift! Oh my giddy aunt! Don't scare me like that! A: "Oh my giddy aunt, what manner of rubbish are you watching?" B: "Haven't you seen this before? This is the latest reality TV sensation!"
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from giddy-up to whoa

Rur. all the way from the beginning to the end. The road is paved from giddy-up to whoa. The play stinks. It is dull from giddy-up to whoa.
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Giddy up!

exclam. Move faster! (Properly said to a horse to start it moving. Also said to people or things as a joke.) Giddy up, Charlie! It’s time to start moving.
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Patients having arrhythmia experience giddiness because the supply of blood from the heart to the brain gets disturbed.
Believe Snitch when he tells you, the Dems can hardly hold in their giddiness at the thought of Mama Grizz DeLemus running in the Senate 6th.
Of course the idea to create their own rainbow may come from extreme giddiness from the RAK Airways team, as the company is set to celebrate the first anniversary of its re-launch.
To usher in the spring and the inevitable giddiness that comes with it, the Museum Gallery of Modern Art in Sofia exhibits a collection of erotic art, with contributions from Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana.
Chances are the design evoked a feeling: inspiration, wonder, giddiness, confusion.
Avinash Bhondve, president of the Pune chapter of the Indian Medical Association said: Dehydration is a common problem at this time of the year, which could result in giddiness, fatigue and cramps.
Lat's pen-and-ink outlines of expressive characters and charming scenarios will please and interest readers, from the giddiness of his jolly, round father to the expressive way he draws the careful convalescence of 10-year-old boys after their traditional circumcision.
HEART-POUNDING ATTRACTION, intense all-night conversations--Aditi Brennan Kapil's Love Person captures the giddiness of new love affairs.
Yet at times his effervescence borders on giddiness, and his love for the Church on triumphalism.
The score is superb: Van Alkemade has constructed a soundtrack that marries techno to Delta blues-influenced slide guitar, with the effects ranging from unexpected melancholy to outright giddiness.
"But players could experience a feeling of light-headedness, giddiness and possibly even nausea.
Discontinue reading if any of the following occur: itching, aching, dizziness, ringing in ears, vomiting, giddiness, auditory or visual hallucinations, loss of balance, slurred speech, blindness, drowsiness, insomnia, profuse sweating, shivering, or heart palpitations.
This debut book weaves her overwhelming grief with the tingly giddiness of first love and the burgeoning lesbianism she finds at Our Lady of Mercy School for Girls.
Liberated from the pathos of modernity and the effusive giddiness of party culture, art could certainly have consequences once more.
99) notes tetrahydrocannabinol's (THC's) side effects of "sedation, giddiness, and paranoia" and then states that a new drug, AM1241, alleviates pain "without the side effects" of the marijuana ingredient.