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giddy up

Hurry up! Move faster! The phrase originated as an instruction used when trying to get a horse to move faster. Come on, kids, giddy up—the school bus will be here any minute!
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oh my giddy aunt

dated A mild exclamation of surprise, alarm, dismay, annoyance, or exasperation. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Oh my giddy aunt, what a generous gift! Oh my giddy aunt! Don't scare me like that! A: "Oh my giddy aunt, what manner of rubbish are you watching?" B: "Haven't you seen this before? This is the latest reality TV sensation!"
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from giddy-up to whoa

Rur. all the way from the beginning to the end. The road is paved from giddy-up to whoa. The play stinks. It is dull from giddy-up to whoa.
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Giddy up!

exclam. Move faster! (Properly said to a horse to start it moving. Also said to people or things as a joke.) Giddy up, Charlie! It’s time to start moving.
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To those who want to be taken ahead into some more spiritual future, Caliban argues, they will find only an "ever giddier collective gallop" into the "Black Stone on which the bones are cracked" (Collected Poems 441).
The results were predictable and came with such ease, the Patriots' postgame locker room scene was giddier than your grandmother after two martinis.
Expect the company to arrive on January 27 with an even giddier air about proceedings than usual.
Even giddier is his Circle Amplification (Orange), 1996, which perhaps stole the show by amplifying the stupid repetitive inward activity of drawing as well as its goofy wonder: tracing a circle, a forlorn woolly caterpillar of iron filings turns over and over, held in place by a behind-the-scenes magnetic device hooked up to an amplifier and a bright-orange speaker.
Past NME Radar Tour bills have been topped by the likes of Marina &The Diamonds, La Roux and Hurts, making it a surefire bet that each headline outfit will inevitably scale even giddier heights.
He handles the material with a Steadicam directness meant to capture the best from the talented ensemble cast, finding a perfect balance between the pic's giddier and tougher moments.
Spectral set closer Marged Wedi Blino spins off its axis and sets off into space like Spiritualized and Arcade Fire jamming in a psychedelic rocket, providing a blissful climax to a set that spirals to ever giddier, dizzier heights of technicolour ambition.
Beautifully played, in addition to Plimpton, by O'Brien, Furr and Wooddell, the instant bonding of these characters is conveyed with such disarming warmth and humanity it helps ground the story's giddier elements in deeper feeling.
The still-expanding morning show "Today" has become giddier since Meredith Vieira's arrival, and promises to grow more so with the addition of a fourth feature-filled horn: Finally, there's primetime newsmag "Dateline's" preoccupation with sexual predators--cozying up to the sting-staging group Perverted Justice to deliver visceral broadcasts that are more "Gotcha!" train wreck than journalism.
At the same time, primetime newsmag "Dateline" and ABC's counterparts have responded to a scary world by turning inward, becoming preoccupied with predators and salacious crime; "Nightline" has taken a stupid pill; and NBC's morning jewel has become even giddier and less substantial, hard as that is to imagine, with the baton pass to Meredith Vieira.
So on the heels of Comedy Central's similar import "The Hollow Men" comes this fitfully clever Fox show--a fast-paced, mildly diverting half-hour that more than anything brings to mind the interstitial gags in "Love, American Style." It wasn't too long ago that Fox struck out with the giddier (and more controversial) "Banzai," though if this works the network might wonder why it simply hasn't shifted "Mad TV" to primetime.
Everyone also acts much giddier and nuttier than Hollinger's dialogue ever suggests they should.