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To those who want to be taken ahead into some more spiritual future, Caliban argues, they will find only an "ever giddier collective gallop" into the "Black Stone on which the bones are cracked" (Collected Poems 441).
An odor of ponderous, emotionally fraught domesticity attends the little surrealist prose-poems in "Objects" (dresses, cushions, boxes, and hats figure significantly); a giddier, almost hysterical air pervades the seminonsensical entries in "Food.
The fact of the matter is this club was in a very poor position two years ago," he reminded the club's giddier supporters.
The results were predictable and came with such ease, the Patriots' postgame locker room scene was giddier than your grandmother after two martinis.
Expect the company to arrive on January 27 with an even giddier air about proceedings than usual.
Palmer is debuting in this rivalry and couldn't be giddier about facing the Irish.
Even giddier is his Circle Amplification (Orange), 1996, which perhaps stole the show by amplifying the stupid repetitive inward activity of drawing as well as its goofy wonder: tracing a circle, a forlorn woolly caterpillar of iron filings turns over and over, held in place by a behind-the-scenes magnetic device hooked up to an amplifier and a bright-orange speaker.
Past NME Radar Tour bills have been topped by the likes of Marina &The Diamonds, La Roux and Hurts, making it a surefire bet that each headline outfit will inevitably scale even giddier heights.