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slang Nonsense or foolishness. His explanation is just jibber-jabber and doesn't answer the question at all. Who cares what the tabloids say about us? It's all just jibber-jabber anyway.
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n. nonsense; gossip and chatter. There sure is a lot of gibber-gabber coming from your room, Jimmy.
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He spouts gibberish but is lauded for how he gibbers it
He completes the entry by citing Hensleigh Wedgwood's Dictionary of English Etymology (1857): 'Gibber, like gabber, jabber, and gabble, represents the sound of rapid talking without reference to meaning, whence gibberish, gibbering, an utterance of articulate sounds without sense.
GIBBER [v.sup.1] (though that word appears later in our quots.), after names of langs.
"I can name three Lords, two MPs and two television personalities," he gibbers in his prison diary, "who are on Class A drugs."