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slang Nonsense or foolishness. His explanation is just jibber-jabber and doesn't answer the question at all. Who cares what the tabloids say about us? It's all just jibber-jabber anyway.


n. nonsense; gossip and chatter. There sure is a lot of gibber-gabber coming from your room, Jimmy.
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Similar activities with Gibber were staged at the garden in 2007 and 2008 and the Duchess is hoping they will become annual events.
Star of the show Mickey Cochrane, who has recently appeared alongside Bryan Ferry in a national TV advert, said: "This is my second Christmas show with Gibber and this year's is as good as ever, with loads of original songs and dance routines.
Vicky Blackburn, Gibber director, said: "This is an amazing gesture by the Benfield Charitable Trust.
The Reality Tours initiative was created by The Alnwick Garden and scripted by Gibber Theatre Company, which specialises in developing educational programmes that utilise innovative drama techniques to motivate and inspire individuals.
North East-based theatre company Gibber performed The Truth, an educational play commissioned by Newcastle Primary Care Trust, to highlight the behaviour of the tobacco industry.
The Gibber drama company really stood out during their visit to Year 6 .
Following a successful run last year, Newcastle and North Tyneside Primary Care trusts (PCTs), have arranged for theatre group Gibber, to visit Newcastle's secondary schools to highlight how the tobacco industry markets its products to attract young people to smoke.
Following a successful pilot year, Newcastle Primary Trust - working in partnership with Newcastle City - has arranged for group Gibber to visit 16 schools to discuss the tobacco industry market its products.
It runs from February 23 until March 6 and anyone who is interested can contact Ian at Gibber on 252 2039 or e-mail hello@weargibber.
Newcastle Primary Care Trust and Newcastle City Council have arranged for theatre group Gibber to visit nine secondary schools this week to discuss how tobacco marketing can attract youngsters to smoking.
It was created by The Alnwick Garden and scripted by the Gibber Theatre Company, which specialises in developing educational programmes using drama.
Pupils from six schools will view the Gibber Theatre Company's hard-hitting drama
The enterprise event is sponsored by EEC, ESF, LSC, Newcastle Education Business Partnership, Enterprise Revolution, Blue Venture (South Tyneside EBP) and Gibber.