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slang Nonsense or foolishness. His explanation is just jibber-jabber and doesn't answer the question at all. Who cares what the tabloids say about us? It's all just jibber-jabber anyway.
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n. nonsense; gossip and chatter. There sure is a lot of gibber-gabber coming from your room, Jimmy.
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"I never expected five years ago when we began working with Gibber that we would be going with sexting, it was not a problem that young people faced.
Barbara Gubbins, chief executive of The Children's Foundation, said: "I am delighted Robson Brown have continued to support us this year and that not only will the money benefit children in disadvantaged schools, allowing them to visit the Centre for Life, but that we can also do something really special for children in local hospitals, with the help of our partners at Gibber theatre company."
Vicky Blackburn, training and development director of Gibber, said: "It takes courage to go the extra mile with drugs education and we're delighted that Alnwick Garden is prepared to do just that."
Gibber is staging a play, The Truth, which explores the approaches used by the tobacco industry with followup interactive workshops for pupils.
Gibber will stage a play explores the approach by the tobacco industry holding interactive with the pupils.
Gibber will stage a play which explores the approach used by the tobacco industry.
Vicky Blackburn, training and development director of Gibber, said: "Drama breaks down barriers and can be a very effective medium that provides a real learning experience for everyone involved.
He spouts gibberish but is lauded for how he gibbers it
Clinton gibbers. Then Wenner does it again: "But are you having fun in this job?"
Julie Kenny, of Liverpool, whose hubby Garry gibbered about the pickles, said he also snored, adding: "So I'm lucky to get any sleep."
You name one celebrity since who has been on any reality show and hasn't cried, snivelled, sobbed, called for their mother, gibbered, foamed at the mouth, chewed at the carpet" Vanessa Feltz on her appearance on Big Brother "Sex was what held me in bed and got me out of it again in the morning.
As The Gaffer gibbered, Gesty stared the birds out in true wannabe wise guy-style, jiving: 'Yeah, you want talk?
A large company of local people, gibbered, limped, sucked blood or whimpered at the sun's first rays in a manor that was totally convincing.
If you missed yesterday's clue, here it is: What cheeky chappie gibbers in Gib?
"Everyone's talking about Kelly Clarkson," gibbers one.